Oodoo: A Cool Brand Of Mixed Boots

Oodoo is a completely free approach to design. It’s about doing things seriously but without taking yourself too seriously. It’s also a call to the great outdoors, a bit like an invitation to go on extraordinary adventures where wild souls searching for authenticity meet.

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While Brittany produces passionate, free-spirited and adventurous people, Andalusia is not to be outdone — apart from on the moustache and tanned skin perhaps, as if to stand out more. From this mix Odoo has Billy, who’s part French, part Spanish with quite an English first name (look for the mistake) and a passion for rock, motorbikes and shoes, which he’s made his job. It had to be said that he fell into the shoe business when he was a kid.

As the grandson of a bootmaker and the son of a shape maker, the tone was inevitably set from the beginning and they have shoemaking in their blood. Valérie, Billy’s partner and long-time collaborator, will agree, with the object of his passion now as familiar to her as the world of clothing she was originally destined for.

The couple have France, Bali, Spain and already lots of experience to their name and they juggle between a keen desire to make beautiful, well-made footwear and the appeal of an authentic and inspiring lifestyle. Because they don’t go for the fake stuff that looks real, the diktats and all that.

Their work has to smell of experience, of encounters, of emotion, and it has to make sense. Oodoo was born from this, from the desire to adapt what they know best, namely shoes, to their free, bold spirit, and to their penchant for escaping into the great outdoors.


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