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HK-ENGINEERING is worldwide the only organization that for some 35 years exclusively restores high-value Mercedes-Benz 300 SL cars and prepares them to face the challenges of the next stage in their life.

With Understanding, Dedication and Passion
Company owner Hans Kleissl is an entrepreneur and vehicle restorer that is globally recognized as an expert on the iconic vehicles that have a star as their trademark. He is also a classic car enthusiast and as a result of actually collecting them, he found his way to owning his own workshop.

One of the fundamentals of the HK-ENGINEERING value proposition is the promise to use the greatest amount of original parts up to leather restoration and the re-furbishing of vintage car paints. The preservation of vintage vehicles (interior, body and mechanics) is increasingly seen by HK-ENGINEERING as the top priority. The restoration of Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is still the primary focus of HK-ENGINEERING. However, the experts in Polling, Germany now have the capacity to carry out the repair and restoration of other vintage vehicles.

In addition to the maintenance program customary in the industry, HK-ENGINEERING has had its own racing department since 1995, in which more than a dozen Mercedes-Benz 300 SL racing cars have been prepared and raced in historic / classic car racing.

The breadth of his technical commitment has inevitably led Hans Kleissl to the social aspect of his 300 SL Passion: He has been on the board of the MB 300 SL Club Germany for over 20 years.



With the foundation of HK-ENGINEERING CLASSICS, HK-ENGINEERING successfully established a vehicle dealership for premium classic vehicles. In addition to the MB 300 SL segment a new trade and service platform for selected premium vehicles was formed. Here, the HK-ENGINEERING focus is on exclusive vintage Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and BMW cars.

The buying and selling of these vehicles will be carried out with the same quality standards that the HK-ENGINEERING Mercedes-Benz 300 SL customers have experienced up to now and expect in the future. Over and above the buying and selling of premium cars HK-ENGINEERING is ready to help its customers with both advice as well as action. From purchase support and brokerage to repairs, maintenance and the care of vehicles HK-ENGINEERING customers are supported by and seen as a trustworthy partner in all matters.

Perfection, precision and craftsmanship are the company philosophy guidelines and standards that drive and govern the work and the workmanship at HK-ENGINEERING.

Genuine competence and expertise
The process of buying and selling premium cars can only be successful with the required level of expertise. In-house technical and mechanical competence as well as a profound industry knowledge have been the hallmarks of the HK-ENGINEERING achievements and are also a guarantee for continuing customer satisfaction.

The HK-ENGINEERING specific know-how is not limited to Mercedes-Benz 300 SL classic cars. The specially built department for non-300SL vehicles is run by in-house experts who are guided by a wealth of experience with various premium car makes. In addition, HK-ENGINEERING also has access to and makes use of extensive, and established, national and international networks.

– Buying and selling of vehicles
– Comprehensive consulting
– Vehicle mediation
– Sale accompaniment
– Professional service and repairs
– Vehicle preparation and maintenance and
– Location for events, seminars and celebrations

Passion and dedication
In addition to the expertise and experience HK-ENGINEERING is characterized by its passion for historical and classic vintage cars with character. HK-ENGINEERING has set itself the goal of providing an excellent and professional support. The wishes of its customers are the HK-ENGINEERING driving force.

Events and their location
HK-ENGINEERING also offers the possibility to have meetings or celebrations amongst historic vehicles in the beautiful buildings and showrooms of the Alten Ziegelei (Old Brick Factory). Various rooms in the building complex are ideal for unique events and seminars.

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