New R50 Art Car By B.R.M Chronographes

The R50 Art Car is the latest addition to this colorful collection inspired by racing cars painted by the greatest pop-art artists in the 1970s-80s.

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In keeping with the colorful spirit of autumn, the house of B.R.M Chronographes has taken its exclusive Art Car collection in a new direction. Aficionados of the brand will be familiar with the V12 (100 pieces, sold out), the T12, and the two women’s models, the V3 and the V7.

This exceptional watch, emblematic of the house, is designed to resemble the engine of a car. Hence the uniquely automotive movement. Its imposing 50 mm diameter case is made of titanium, which makes it possible to have a watch with an imposing build while remaining very light.

This Art Car version is coated with a black PVD treatment: lugs, case, crown and buckle. The case, machined in the mass and lacquered by hand, houses all the components of this exceptional watch: oversized mass made up of Fortal HR®, tantalum weights machined by electro-erosion, isolastic springs with progressive steps, triangles in carbon fiber. carbon to protect the movement from shocks. All the expertise of the French watchmaking manufacture is found in this exceptional timepiece.

Motorsports enthusiasts will notice the ultimate detail: an additional hand like a fuel gauge indicates the time remaining in the power reserve.
All the colored components of this watch are lacquered by hand and then fixed by baking, the sapphire crystal is printed by UV ink spraying and the strap is in black alcantara sewn by hand.

The R50 Art Car will be available in a limited series of 12 unique pieces, each one different from another.


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