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Here is a special selection of cars that have recently arrived or are expected soon at our partner Gallery Aaldering. This preview allows you to be the first to indicate your interest in one of these cars. Furthermore Gallery Aaldering will present some other extraordinary automobiles in Paris at the Retromobile show from February 1-. Do you want to hear more about these cars? Please send an e-mail to:

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BMW 3.0 CS Alpina B2 Group 2

1972 – Full CSL-spec, Batmobile, B2 Engine, Streetlegal

bmw 3 0 cs alpina b2 group 2 1972

The BMW E9 is a very popular car with many. Stylish, sportive, luxurious, an allrounder. Early 70’s sees BMW very involved in the sports car sector, with the BMW 3.0 CSL as their weapon of choice. A car that remains stuck to sportscar lovers retinas and due to its aggressive appearance earnt the nickname the Batmobile. It is also the first car to sport the red/purple/blue stripes that were to signify the M Motorsport colours.

It is not just its striking presence that impresses, its performance is not to be sniffed at either: The CSL was victorious on six occasions in the Group 2 class European Touring Car Championship, in 1973 with Toine Hezemans as well as from 1975 to 1979. Not so strange then that it is a car BMW enthusiasts consider to be the holy grail.

estimate: €229.500,-

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Corvette C2 Split Window 327 Manual

1963 – Fantastic colour combination, Restored

corvette c2 split window 327 manual 1963

Yes, Gallery Aaldering has to admit that they get excited about a Corvette C2. That is exactly the reason why they have a few in supply and this ‘Split Window’ one more than deserves its place in their collection. What a colour scheme!
The second generation, the C2 was an enormous step forwards for Chevrolet. Lighter, faster and overall better. The C2 Sting Ray is seen by many as the most beautiful Corvette and this ‘Matching Numbers, Split Window’ is no exception.

estimate: €169.500,-

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Lotus Esprit 3.5 V8 TwinTurbo

1997 – Full service history, Only 54.000 KMS, Stunning condition

lotus esprit 3 5 v8 twinturbo 1997

Pictures of a Ferrari F355 or Porsche 911 Carrera adorned many a bedroom and office wall in the 90’s. For a lot of people these dream cars are the obvious nineties supercar choice. A few choose something a little bit different, a bit special and do that with full conviction. One option would be the Lotus Esprit.

In October of 1975 Lotus presented the Esprit at the Paris Autosalon. The extreme angular appearance was a show stopper with the lightweight two-seater starting production the following year. It becomes world famous in 1977 as the preferred method of transport for a certain Mr Bond in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and again four years later in ‘For Your Eyes Only’. The Esprit is an instant icon, even though the normal production model sadly does not transform into a submarine. The Lotus is naturally light and relies on its weight and perfect weight distribution for its outstanding handling, especially as initially the 162 hp is not particularly strong.

estimate: €75.950,- 

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Bentley S2 Drophead Coupe conversion

1961 – Fully restored, HJ Mulliner design 

bentley s2 drophead coupe conversion 1961

In 1959 the Bentley S2 is exhibited to the world. The exterior looks identical to that of its predecessor, the S1, but the technology was indeed new. The S2 is equipped with a new 6,230 cc aluminum V8 engine. Despite the squarer layout of the V8, because the six-cylinder it replaces is longer and narrower, the new power source fits effortlessly into the large engine compartment of the English mastodon.

estimate: €205.000,-

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Talbot-Lago T26 Record

1950 – Unique car, Veth&Zoon body, Pebble Beach Car

talbot lago t26 record 1950

When STD, Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq, went bust in 1934, it was the Italian engineer Antonio Lago who took over Talbot’s trademark rights. Lago continues with the production of luxury cars and is active in racing. The brand even managed to win a Grand Prix victory and despite the heavy opposition from Italy and Germany, the brand even managed to win Le Mans.

The brand’s ultimate pre-war car is the 4.0-litre Lago Special. With 165 hp and a top speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour, a car that was unparalleled. In 1946 the model was revised and henceforth called T26 Record. With hydraulic brakes, Wilson pre-selector gearbox and a 4½-litre twin-cam version of the classic long-stroke overhead valve engine.
The designation ‘T26’ had been used before, for the GP racers in the late 1930s and referred to the tax rate of the car (26CV).

estimate: €387.500,-

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Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet

1990 – Full service history, Very original condition, Tiptronic

porsche 964 carrera 2 1990

This is a beautiful 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 convertible. The car was delivered new in Kiel in Germany and came to the Netherlands in 1997. Since then, the car has had one owner who has taken very good care of the car. The Porsche has less than 120,000 kilometres on the clock and has always been serviced by the Porsche dealer.

The first thing you notice when you see this 964 is the beautiful and original Violet Blue metallic paint. The car is 95% in the first paint. The paint has some slight traces of use but is generally in very good condition. Then the rims catch the eye, surrounded by Michelin Pilot Sport tires with “N” coding. The convertible top was replaced in 2020 and looks like new. The hood fits nicely everywhere and can last for years. The mouldings, bumpers and lamps are also all in good and original condition.

estimate: €72.500,-

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Jaguar XK140 OTS Roadster SE

1956 – Matching Numbers, Original Colourscheme, Great condition

jaguar xk140 ots roadster se 1956

If you regularly check our website, then you probably know: we get quite enthusiastic about a good Jaguar XK. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful and fastest sports cars of its time. New in our stock is this beautiful XK140 OTS SE. The first abbreviation stands for Open Two Seater, we will come back to ‘SE’ later. The OTS is immediately recognizable by the slim waistline and the convertible top that is concealed behind the front seats, which makes the lines of the body stand out even more.

The stylish black example you see here hit the road in 1956 and according to the Heritage Certificate it did so in exactly the same color scheme as you see in the photos here: ‘black on red’. The wire wheels finish it off, of course, and then we are only talking about the looks. The state is also very healthy. The body is beautiful, it has been professionally restored in the past. The doors close very nicely and well, just like the rest of the body parts. The chrome bumpers are very neat, the same applies to the other chrome parts such as moldings and the correct Lucas spotlights.

estimate: €119.000,-

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Jaguar SS 100

1938 – Steel body, Manual transmission, Very close to the original

jaguar ss 100 1938

This is a very nice Jaguar SS100 Replica. Although this is a replica, the car is almost indistinguishable from the original. This SS100 differs from normal SS100 Replicas by the fact that the car has a steel body and is equipped with a manual transmission with four gears. The car is very fast thanks to the strong 3.5 six-in-line engine. Where many companies that built replicas used the later Jaguar XJ6 as a basis, this car was built in the 1950s in New Zealand by a Jaguar fan with a shortened Jaguar 2 1/2 litre saloon chassis and a steel body, exactly like the so original. The proportions of the car are therefore much more realistic than with a replica based on a Jaguar XJ6.

estimate: €135.000,-

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Corvette C3 Convertible

1969 – Manual, Fantastic colour scheme, Previously restored

corvette c3 convertible 1969

The success story of the Corvette (The All American Sportscar) gets a new chapter when the C3, the third model, is introduced in 1967. A rugged design that can immediately and without a doubt be labelled as a tough muscle car. Even at that time. Little chrome, a line that more than ever resembles the classic bottle of Coca Cola and big engines: a new success for the brand was born.

1969 was the first year in which the 350 cu was delivered. There were two flavours: 300 hp and 350 hp, where we can report the good news that this is the second variant, the L46. This 5.7 litre V8 is mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, so we can guarantee you that this Corvette will provide a lot of fun. We Europeans sometimes have the prejudice that there is ‘no pace’ in those big Americans, but a sprint to 96 km/h (60 miles per hour) in 6.4 is anything but childish in 1969!

estimate: € 55.000,-

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Allard K2

1951 – Fully mechanically rebuilt condition, Long term ownership, Full known history since new

allard k2 1951

You may not know Allard, it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, Allard never became a major player. The modest sports car manufacturer was founded in London in 1945. The concept was actually brilliant and was later confirmed by established names such as Caroll Shelby and Sunbeam. What Sydney Allard did was design a great driving chassis with a lightweight aluminum body and put in the biggest V8 you can find. Allards were therefore light and fast and were praised for their fantastic handling and good value for money. In the end, Allard, like so many British sports car manufacturers, went under. Only 119 of the K2 were produced in total and only 25 are said to have survived.

This copy was delivered new in the United States and remained with the first owner for no less than 37 years. He then sold the car to an enthusiast who also took care of the car for a longer period of time. We sold the car in 2010 to the last owner who, excuse the expletive, has taken excellent care of the car for the past 12 years. The Allard could not have gone to a better home. The previous owners have decided to have the car undergo a partial restoration and partial overhaul. The way in which they have worked can only be described as very restrained with as much authenticity as possible.

estimate: €139.500,-

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BMW 3.0 CSI Manual gearbox

1972 – European version, Very good, Drivers condition

bmw 3 0 csi manual gearbox 1972

In 1968 BMW presents the successor to the 2000 C and 2000 CS. Mainly responsible for the design is Wilhelm Hofmeister, that of the kink at the rear side windows indeed. The ‘E9’ CS is very distinctive, with the now well-known shark nose that is so typical of BMWs from the 1970s and 1980s. Initially, the new coupé is available as 2800 CS. In 1971 the content is increased to 2,986 cc and the car goes through life as a 3.0 CS with 180 hp. In the autumn of 1971, the 3.0 CSi with injection was introduced as the new top model: it had an output of 200 hp and reached a top speed of 220 km/h.

This very neat silver-grey 3.0 CSi is one with the Bosch D-Jetronic injection system. The lively M30 six-cylinder is coupled to a manual transmission, allowing you to experience the full package of ‘Freude am Fahren’. In fact, this is the most popular version of the BMW E9 3.0 CSi.

estimate: 69.950,-

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Wiesmann MF4-S Roadster

2010 – Perfect original condition, One off the best available

wiesmann mf4 s roadster 2010

Where a small company can be big. This certainly applies to Wiesmann, the car manufacturer from Germany that has been building the purest sports cars for years, in which the essence of driving is central. Driving pleasure, experience, spectacle and reliable technology: there will be few car enthusiasts who cannot understand the idea behind a Wiesmann roadster.

Wiesmann starts producing sports cars with BMW technology in the mid-1990s. Engine and gearbox are purchased from the major German car manufacturer, with numerous six-cylinder models available. The first Roadster leaves the factory in 1993 and numerous versions follow one another under the MF model name. After exactly ten years, Wiesmann presents the MF4, which has an eight-cylinder under the long hood instead of a six. Of course, this power source also comes from BMW, it concerns the 4.8 V8 (n62) with 367 hp for the MF4 and the even more powerful 4.0 V8 (S65B40) with 420 hp for the MF4 S. Enormous amounts ​​for the two-seater weighing only 1,290 kilograms. It is therefore logical that the MF4 S, equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission, accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 4.5 seconds and only finds that acceleration is no longer necessary at 293 km/h.

estimate: 212.000,-

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