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Jaguar E-type 3.8 Series 1 (1964)
Top restored and mechanically rebuilt condition, stunning colour combinations, one of the best on the market

jaguar e type 3 8 series 1 1964

Call off the search! If you were looking for one of the best Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 Coupés on the market, look no further. This one has recently been restored and mechanically rebuilt from top to toe and from back to front. The work was expertly carried out with utmost feel for authenticity imaginable. The pristine panelwork has the best alignment and has been kept nice and thin. The car has outstanding chrome wire wheels shod in correctly sized, good quality tyres. The brightwork of the bumpers, decorative strips and door handles has really been meticulously attended to. The full respray has a marvellous deep lustre.

Price: € 147.500,-

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Corvette C2 Stingray Convertible (1964)
Fully restored and mechanically rebuilt condition, loads of upgrades like independent rear suspension, Wilwood brakes and many more 

corvette c2 stingray convertible 1964

Sought! Tough man or woman who can tame this car. What an incredibly brutal device. This 1964 Chevrolet Corvette C2 Stingray Convertible is an absolute masterpiece. The car has been fully restored and overhauled. But not only that, in this case the car has also been considerably modernized. The Corvette features fully independent suspension all round, Wilwood brakes, a Tremec five-speed transmission and a hugely tuned 427 Big Block V8. You will understand: this is not a car to approach without respect. The Corvette is fast, very fast!

Price: € 129.950,-

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Dodge Viper GTS (1997)
Supercharged and blueprinted engine, only 26.974 kilometres from new, sequential gearbox, very fast 

dodge viper gts 1997

It created quite a stir when GM launched the Dodge Viper. The papers stood full of it and car magazines simply could not get enough of writing about it either. Americans formed an orderly queue to order the car. Although Europeans were less enthusiastic the car was very well received there too. The (1991-1995) first generation car only came as a Targa. In 1996 the second generation hit the market as the one we have here; the Dodge Viper GTS coupé. The most striking feature of the Viper GTS is the Double Bubble roof. The reason for the Double Bubble was to provide space for the driver and co-driver to wear helmets on the race track. The Viper is fitted with a huge 7.990cc V10 putting out 450 Ps with this generation of cars. Up to 1999 the Dodge Viper came with forged pistons that were very suitable for the engine to be supercharged. That was exactly what happened to this car, after finding the 450 Ps to paltry he fitted a supercharger.

Price: € 105.000,-

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Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (1958)
Fully restored and mechanically rebuilt, great colour combination, factory hardtop

mercedes benz 190 sl 1958

What a beautiful design it is, isn’t it? Especially with the hardtop shown here. The Mercedes-Benz 190SL was a masterstroke by Mercedes-Benz. The car was introduced to ride on the enormous fame of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. A car that is only reserved for the elite in all periods. A 190SL was intended as a small version of the 300SL. There is also a four-cylinder in it, and the car is more compact. This example has been fully restored and technically overhauled in the recent past. The car is therefore in beautiful condition and looks great. The combination of the black exterior and the red leather upholstery on the seats creates a beautiful contrast that further emphasizes the elegant lines of the 190SL.

Price: € 138.500,- 

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Lagonda LG 45 (1936)
Long-term ownership, Le Mans racer-inspired body, good condition car

lagonda lg 45 1936

A car used to be allowed to be stylish, and having flowing bodywork and a boat tail was considered to be a statement of luxury. We rarely see that kind of panache these days. Our car on the other hand exemplifies all of the design features mentioned. This is a beautiful 1936 Lagonda LG45. The car has an open tourer body. The car is in great condition and drives a treat. What a car, huh? Even according to British standards, the Lagonda is very special. After having cemented his name by winning the exceedingly tough 1910 Moscow to St Petersburg rally with a Lagonda 30HP Six, Lagonda decided afterwards to concentrate on building smaller cars with smaller engines. These models turned out not to be as successful as the larger models. Later the company reverted to building large cars with larger engines. This car was initially supplied in the United Kingdom, staying in the same family for many years.

Price: €335.000,-

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Porsche 911 Targa 2.7 (1976)
Stunning colour combination, very original, mechanically rebuilt condition 

porsche 911 targa 2 7 1976

This is an extremely attractive 1976 Porsche 911 Targa. The car is equipped with the beloved 2.7 engine and is in beautiful original condition. The engine has recently been completely overhauled and is in fantastic condition. The car has a very attractive colour scheme consisting of a Cockey Braun 408 exterior and an interior consisting of Tartan and brown leather. The “Hackmessers” complete the picture on the outside. The car has only just driven 100,000 kilometres since 1976 and it shows in the overall condition.

Price: € 59.500,- 

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