Museum Speaker By OMA

The Museum Speaker was created for the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City and featured in the 2021 show Anthem. OMA’s newest speaker is an extremely powerful, compact, professional level speaker made from solid Pennsylvania ash wood, treated in a new thermal process called torrefaction.

oswalds musuem speaker

This makes the wood darker, more stable and improves it’s already excellent tonality. The sculptural grill and the speaker rear panel are carved out of sheets of phenolic, a composite of paper and thermoset resin, which possesses excellent damping qualities.

The speaker’s stand is made from heavy gauge cold rolled steel. The two 15″ woofers are fully professional transducers, as is the coaxial compression driver on the wooden mid and high frequency stadium shaped conical horn, invented by OMA and a first in audio history.

The lower 15″ woofer is actively powered by OMA’s own design and built plate amp, offering stunning low bass reproduction. This four way system is capable of concert level output with very little power, being 100db 1watt/1meter efficiency, higher than any speaker in it’s class. With 8ohm nominal impedance it can be driven by any amplifier, including low power tube amps.

The Museum Speaker is like having a Formula One race car in your driveway.


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