Morgan Plus 8 – Fifty Years An Icon By Crowood

Once given the green light to use Rover’s newly acquired V8 engine, the Morgan Motor Company lost no time installing it under the bonnet of their traditional sports car.


The Morgan Plus 8 became their biggest-selling model, spanning thirty-six years from its 1968 launch to discontinuation in 2004. After an eight-year respite it was reintroduced to the firm’s model line -up from 2012 until 2018, underpinned by a new state of the art bonded aluminium chassis and powered by a potent BMW V8. Morgan Plus 8 – Fifty Years an Icon gives a detailed account of the history, design and manufacturing process of the Morgan Plus 8. With over 300 colour photographs, it:


  • Covers both the traditional and Aero chassis cars
  • Details the history of both the Rover V8 and the BMW V8 engines
  • Includes full specifications for each model
  • Recalls the Plus 8’s motor sport heritage
  • Features personal first-hand accounts from key personalities
  • Covers the history of the mark and looks at is future


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