Meet The Team: Marc Enger


31 year old Marc, born and raised in Essen, is a fun-loving-kind-of-guy, who is always ready to crack up a joke or two. However, when it comes to his work he is ALWAYS prepared, professional and to the point.

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After taking over from a friend, Marc joined the team about five years ago and has since then become quite an auto fanatic. He studied special education, has completed his master’s degree and is currently completing his legal clerkship. Now he works at a school as a teacher and car enthusiast. He is mainly connected to collectorscarworld, writing and posting news, profile articles as well as chasing after the best Barn finds, car deals and stories. He also acts as representative and contact person to our collectorscarworld customers and clients. What excites him most about his job is being creative and finding the best, out-of-the-ordinary car news for our readers. He also enjoys working on special projects and staying in contact with other car lovers and enthusiasts like himself.


Getting to know Marc

collectorscarworld in 3 words:

Passionated, tasteful classics

Cars or Motorbikes?

Without a doubt… CARS! In fact more specifically a Porsche. My dad use to drive a Porsche, but was forced to sell it because of me (I always cried as soon as they put me in the car). My dream is to own the bleak grey/brown Porsche 911 S from the Scandinavian series “The Bridge.“ If anybody happens to have a bleak grey/brown Porsche 911 S standing around, please contact me 🙂

Perfect holiday:

It’s definitely in the mountains somewhere with my mountain bike. I actually go mountain biking once a year in the Alps and have been for the last couple of years. However, I also enjoy a holiday at the beach every now and again.

If your life was summed up in a movie title, what would the title be?

Well, I guess “Laughing through life“ would fit best.

If your house was burning and you could only save one item, what would this item be?

My old school music-box of course. It’s rather heavy, but I would still try to take it with me. It’s such a classic and I love listening to my old record collection.

If you have information about great Barn finds or interesting stories that we could feature on collectorscarworld, don’t hesitate to get into contact with He would love to hear from you!

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