Mans Interactions With The Machines They Love

I suspect that, like me, many of your readers still like to follow F1, but do so from the comfort of their armchairs in order to take advantage of the fantastic coverage that the TV companies provide these days.  

Mans Interactions With The Machines They Love

The combination of great access and tiny on board cameras means that TV allows us to become totally immersed in the atmosphere and spectacle.  We are thus able to see the drivers interacting with their machines. Without this TV wizardry all we can see of them is helmet tops.

PDR40497 2 edited

This is not the case with classic cars, where the relationship between man and machine is often there for all to see.  Facial expressions can vary from fear to joy.  Looks of concentration, determination, frustration and excitement are clearly on display.  When racing, hands and arms and sometimes whole bodies are seen straining to control their steeds.   Most of the time the eyes are clearly focussed on the direction they want to travel in, with the occasional wary glance towards close competitors.

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Until the time when “autonomous driving” becomes the norm the visceral connection between humans and the machines they conduct will be paramount.  These pictures attempt to explore this relationship.

Peter de Rousset-Hall