Manna Arcadia

Manna is located at an altitude of 1200m. on Mount Mainalos and is a historic preserved building of unique architecture, which has been declared a protected monument. It dates back to 1929 and is known as “The Sanatorium of Mana”.

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The building was named after Anna Mela, sister of the Macedonian hero Pavlos Melas, who was also the creator of the sanatorium. She wished to create the largest sanatorium in the Balkans, for this reason, she got financial help from the affluent Greeks of the diaspora, in Egypt and America.

Anna Mela was an aristocrat of the time, who dedicated her life and fortune to the treatment of wounded soldiers and patients with tuberculosis. Due to her absolute devotion to the patients, and her extensive charity, she was characterized as the “Soldier’s Mother”. The sanatorium got its name from her.


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