1990 Ferrari Testarossa

205,648 €

This particular Testarossa has had a single private owner since being sold new in the Fall of 1990. Total original, documented miles are just 864, making it likely the lowest mileage example left in the world.  This Ferrari retains all of the original books, manuals, records and tools from new.  The first service was completed on September 25th, 1991 at which time the odometer read 202 miles.  Avery had additional services completed in May of 1995 at which time the odometer read 670 miles.  In September of 2000, a receipt for an emissions inspection officially recorded total mileage at 745 miles.  Avery last serviced the car in November of 2009 at a cost of more than $11,000.  The service was a compete engine out servicing which included the replacement of timing belts.  Total mileage was recorded at just 813 miles.  On November 10th, 2011, Avery agreed to the sale of the car.  Total mileage at the time of the sale was recorded at 845 miles.  The car would then quickly pass through the hands of several prominent dealers achieving record prices each time and in short order the car had set and broken several world records before it was acquired by a private museum collection in the UK in August of 2012.  Total milage was recorded at 847 miles at the time of the sale.
From August of 2012 to January of this year, only four additional miles were added to the car.  On January 21st , 2019 with the odometer now showing 851 miles, the car was shipped to respected Ferrari specialist, Bob Houghton Ltd., were a 2nd full engine out and belt service was performed at a cost of more than $8,000.  In April of this year, our company purchased this Ferrari and the car formally imported back to the States.  Total mileage from new is 864.  The last full service was completed less than 90 days ago and the car has covered only 14 miles since the work was completed.
It is unlikely a finer, lower mileage Testa Rossa exists.  This Ferrari would be an instant class winner and preservation darling at any Ferrari event including the ever popular National Meet, Concourso Italiano and the Cavallino Classics to mention just a few.
Year: 1990
Make: Ferrari
Model: Testarossa
Price: 205,648 €
Dealer: Symbolic International
Symbolic International
Vendor:Symbolic International
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