Jochen Mass: Reminiscing And Missing

Did you ever miss friendships ? I mean totally noncommittal , just you and fellow drivers , our wives or girlfriends , in a part of the world , with islands, no press or sponsor commitments just a sailing boat without luxury, with a long week to spend in paradise before the next GP somewhere far away in our world full of speed and responsibilities. But hold it, its the speed.

Jochen Mass: Reminiscing And Missing

Which makes us aware of the stillness of it, the peace in the rush of adrenalin and competition. It is very true, the contradicting impact of all those sensations in the things you do make it so valuable to spend time with your fellow drivers.

38f602d3 80fc 4169 a19a 3d2fbff82e8cWe did this a few times in the break we had in between the GP,s. The virgin islands , wonderful places to anchor in bays of tranquility simple BBQs over the stern of the little yacht, swimming in a sea with illuminated plankton and feeling great.

I try to think of todays F1 and the incredible difference of the years past. Its not to compare and judge what was better, we didn’t know the difference , but with the knowledge of the gone days, It looks even more romantic and valuable. Or taking a flight to Hawai or rather Oahu , Honolulu.

We were the same group , Clay Regazzoni, Patrick Depailler, Jaques Lafitte , Campiche , engineer from Heuer timekeepers of F1, my ex wife and Jaques’Lafittes wife Bernadette. We had to get a boat because there was not a room to be had on Oahu. So we sailed into the night to Molokai , Lahaina , Lanai and Maui. To get a little sailer of about 32ft was easier than getting a chart or general advice about currents.

Jochen Mass: Reminiscing And Missing

Jochen MassOr sea conditions. But we motored over a perfectly calm sea the 60mls to Molokai. What a bliss, Clay and Lafitte had flown to Maui but found no room either but another slightly bigger boat which we found  and sailed together anchoring in gently heaving swells and telling tales.

All these memories became alive again as we sailed on the wonderful Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud 2. This was just a week ago , from Genua ,Nice La Ciotat and back to Monte Carlo’s GP Historique.

We had a group of Bentley Drivers on board and found out that many of them had been on these ships before and it didn’t really surprise  vintage drivers and seagoing people have lot in common. And I could feel the bond between them. Ancient ships and vintage cars creates a camaraderie which is fascinating.

Three cheers to it, its wonderful.