Introducing Cohiba Spectre 2021

Under the direction and care of Master Blender Jhonys Diaz, only the finest and most vintage tobaccos available were selected meeting the highest standards in flavor and aesthetics for the blend in the new Cohiba Spectre.

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As with its predecessors, the 2021 Cohiba Spectre is produced and available in a very limited offering. In its unparalleled production detail, each and every cigar is produced by the same artisan pair of one single Master Torcedor and one single Master Bunchero.

The filler includes exceptionally aged leaves finished in Spanish Sherry Barrels and is bound in a wrapper quality Connecticut Broadleaf binder. This exquisite blend is enrobed in a vintage five-year-aged Havana Ecuador wrapper.

Available for a limited time, only 500 boxes are available at select retailers. Each box contains 10 cigars and is priced at $1199.90. Individual cigars are priced at $119.99.

This cigar is a testament to the enduring art of cigar making, and a reward that promises indulgence and enjoyment.


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