Hotel Montesol Experimental

The hotel Montesol Experimental enjoys a prime location in the city centre. Discover the island’s rich history with a visit to Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site, with its 16th century Gothic cathedral and its charming narrow side streets.

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The hotel has been a star and a witness to everything that has happened on the island in the last 80 years. Its location, 20 meters from the port, and its grand colonial façade have welcomed and accommodated tourists of all kinds over the course of its lifetime. Moreover, as the city’s first hotel, it is the birthplace of Ibiza’s original Tourism Office and its history is linked to early tourism on the island.

The first tourists arrived in Ibiza  in 1933. The hotel, the first on the scene, became the main gateway to the island for those looking to immerse themselves in its unique and magical surroundings.

In Europe, the 1950s usher in an artistic explosion. Celebrities such as Orson Welles, Pink Floyd, and Carolina de Mónaco stay at the hotel. In the 60s and 70s, the hippie movement gathers pace and spreads to all four corners of the globe. Ibiza is no exception.


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