Himel Bros. X Freenote Cloth Collaboration Leather Jacket

Named for the legendary English-Canadian aviation company, this jacket’s design springs from two rich sources: Aviator’s jackets, and early D-pocket motorcycle jackets. Incorporating features from both styles makes the Avro both a highly functional motorcycle jacket, as well as a powerful aesthetic statement.

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The Avro is designed after early Leather Togs jackets, a small shop which produced more innovation per square foot than any other turn-of-the-century leather brand. With many moving parts and small pieces of leather, the Avro is the most complex pattern in the Himel Bros. catalogue. Features include the D-pocket, historically used to contain handguns or maps, a beautiful sunburst-style back, typical of early 1930s Canadian sport jackets, and a cool chinstrap tucked beneath the collar. The jacket is constructed from a heavyweight Horween American horsehide tannage, custom-tanned for Himel Bros. to accurately represent the characteristics of toughness and wear typical of early motorcycle jackets.

These limited-edition Avro jackets are lined with a reproduction “One Hundred Tigers” print from the early 1950s, customized by Freenote with vivid red accents. This liner is made from 100% linen, for a cool and comfortable jacket perfect for all the variations of California weather. The pocket bags and cuffs are made from a red Japanese 10oz denim, and the jacket is reinforced at points of stress with smooth Canadian Buffalo leather.


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