Hale Nukumoi Hawaii Beach House By Walker Warner Architects

Hale Nukumoi is the quintessential Hawaiian beach house: open, casual, and unfussy. Adjacent to a popular public beach, the house makes skillful use of oversized sliding doors, a custom rainscreen, and layered plantings to provide much-needed privacy when desired.

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The home’s material palette seems to spring from the land itself: coral-colored concrete, peeled ohia logs, and dark tile that recalls nearby lava flows. Inside, the home’s modest but thoughtful footprint provides ship-like efficiency with numbered bunks, hooks, and storage baskets to help younger guests organize their belongings. The house is ready-made for easy vacationing with extended family and friends.

Details of Hale Nukumoi

Architecture: Walker Warner Architects
Principal: Greg Warner
Senior Project Manager: Thomas Clapper
Architectural Staff: Aaron Zube, Rob Campodonico, Philip Viana
Interiors: Stone Interiors
Landscape: Lutsko Associates
Builder: R.S. Weir General Contracting
Photography: Matthew Millman


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