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Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Freccia d’Oro

1947 – Matching numbers & Colours, original interior, interesting history, Famous movie car

alfa romeo 6c 2500 freccia doro 1947

Estimate: € 295.000,-

At the start of World War II, Alfa Romeo was busy building the 6C 2500. After the war, in 1946, when the brand resumed production, the 6C 2500 once again was the first model to go into production. In the partially destroyed Portello factory, various models were produced, including the Tourismo, Sport, and Super Sport variants. At that time, the chassis was considered one of the best in the world, and despite its age, it was even better rated by the press and technicians than the chassis of the then-new Ferrari.

Between 1947 and 1950, approximately 2,500 6C 2500’s were built, of which only 680 being the model you see here: the 6C 2500 Sport Freccia d’Oro, which means “Golden Arrow.” This model was able to compete amongst the absolute top at the time. The body was no longer bolted to the chassis but welded to it. This was completely new and was first applied to the Freccia d’Oro by Alfa Romeo.

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Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk3

1959 – Restored condition, very rare

aston martin db2 4 mk3 1959

Estimate: €249.000,-

Beautiful, the sports cars from the 1950s. The Aston Martin DB2/4 is one of those that gives everyone an approving look. The stylish front, beautiful sloping roofline: the whole exudes pure luxury. And of course it was. The Mk III was the most refined version, with the necessary updates compared to the earlier versions.

Two years after the introduction of the DB2/4 MkII comes the MkIII, of which only 551 units were built between March 1957 and July 1959. The body of the Aston Martin does not change that much, the most striking is the grille in style of the DB3S, creating the characteristic Aston Martin face, drawn by Tickford designer Bert Thickpenny. It gives the car a more imposing look. The interior gets a new dashboard, with the counters more together in a cluster.

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Porsche 356 Pre-A 1500 Convertible Reutter

1954 – TOP quality, 1200 km since restoration! Matching numbers and colours

porsche 356 pre a 1500 convertible reutter 1954

Estimate: € 425.000,-

Road & Track made it very clear in November 1952: “…after a turn at the wheel of the new Porsche… one is forced to admit that this is the Car of Tomorrow. That appears, on its face, to be an exaggerated statement, but experience with the car has given an entirely new driving experience to the test staff. It is safe to say that no car in the history of Road & Track has offered so many different and new driving sensations.” – Road & Track on the Porsche 356, November 1952.

Despite Ferdinand Porsche’s early involvement in the automotive industry in the 1930s, it would take until 1949 for his name to appear on a car. While many people start small, it turns out that Porsche, looking back now, put his name for the first time on a model that has gone down in history as one of the greatest sports cars of all time, the 356.

The first models were built in collaboration with the bodybuilders at Reutter, at the old location in Stuttgart. From 1955, production took place at the factory in Zuffenhausen. The Porsche 356 was built on a platform-type chassis with an air-cooled engine in the rear. Together with a torsion bar and fully independent suspension made the car feel even sportier than the chassis would suggest. That chassis was primarily sourced from Volkswagen.

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Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

1964 – HIGHLY original, only 98000 km, un-restored condition, extensive history file, time capsule collectors condition


Estimate: € 128.500,-

The Mercedes Benz Pagoda. Even before an actual model name is mentioned, almost every classic enthusiast knows which model it is: the stylish SL with upright headlights, the successor to the legendary W198 SL ‘wing door’ and its open variant. Unlike the predecessor, the Pagode is only available as an open roadster and it is clearly visible that the car was designed as a convertible. What a line!
The name Pagoda owes the W113 SL to the concave shape of the hardtop, which is reminiscent of the Chinese Pagoda roofs. You can also see the same shape in the headrests of the German convertible. The SL means a great success for Mercedes-Benz and the model is still very popular. The beautifully contoured body, fantastic six-cylinder in-line engines and a finish that only a few exclusive competitors can match: an eternally loved classic in all aspects.

We are therefore pleased to have been able to add this incredibly original 230 SL to the collection. To get straight to the point: the SL you see here has been fully prepared by specialists for the better ‘turn-key experience’. In short: as soon as you are in possession of this SL, you can enjoy yourself because the engine, chassis, brakes, bottom and all other technology is fully prepared for a new, whether or not intensive, life.

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Ferrari 328 GTS

1987 – Pre-ABS, very original condition

ferrari 328 gts 1987

Estimate: € 102.500,- 

The Ferrari 328 was the successor to the now-classic 308. Ferrari managed to give the 328 a much more modern look with a few subtle changes, without losing the character of its predecessor. According to experts, the 328 is more of a major facelift than a standalone model. The fact remains that Ferrari was able to further improve the chassis making the 328 is a delightful car to drive, with a fantastic V8 engine positioned transversely behind the seats.

According to many, red paint with a natural-coloured leather interior is the most archetypal colour combination for a Ferrari. And that’s exactly how this very beautiful and original GTS is finished. The bodywork is exactly what you would expect from a model like the 328 shown here, and, in truth, it looks flawless. The red paint is in good condition and has a deep lustre and colour. The fit of the doors, hood, and other body panels is all excellent. In addition, the car sits on beautiful original wheels fitted with good tires in the correct sizes. Details such as the door seals, mirrors, and lights are all in good condition.

The interior is upholstered in beautiful natural-coloured leather and beige carpets. It’s a stunning colour combination that forms a fantastic contrast against the red exterior. The instruments and controls all function as they should and look great. The upholstery, as well as details like the steering wheel and door panels, are exceptionally fresh and suggest that the mileage of 19,461 (about 31,000 kilometres) is original. The seats provide excellent support, and the side bolsters are completely free of any wear from getting in and out.

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Corvette C1 Fuel Injection Convertible

1961 – Highly original, only two owners from new, very well maintained 

corvette c1 fuel injection convertible 1961

Estimate: € 157.500,- 

Gallery Aaldering has a wonderful 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 with just 71,823 miles on the clock. This car with its lovely two-tone beautiful repainted green color over Ermine White has come to us from the second owner. The last owner having kept the car since 1992.

They bought the car in Santa Barbara, California in the States. The were a number of things that immediately drew our attention and made sure we added this one to our collection. First of all there is the condition to consider. Good care and the warm Californian climate has preserved this car from the ravages of bad weather. That meant this Corvette never needed to be restored and is in very original condition. That does not mean they scrimped on maintenance. The previous owner spent over$ 26.000 in maintenance with one invoice totalling over $ 15.400. Mechanically the car is in A-1 condition, which becomes immediately obvious once behind the wheel. The brakes work fine and the car holds the road really well. The 283 Ci (4.6 litre) engine has been fitted with a Rochester fuel injector, giving her 315 Ps. This was the top of the range C1 edition, her 315 PS, despite her 60 summers, still making this a seriously fast car. The engine is attached to the rare and very popular manual 4-speed gearbox. Especially the presence of fuel injection is rare. In 1961 Chevrolet produced 10,939 Corvettes of which only 1,462 had the top of the range engine. Other rarities include the heating system and the factory supplied am radio.

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Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole

1985 – Low mileage, rare colourscheme, great condition 

ferrari 308 gtb quattrovalvole 1985

Estimate: € 99.000,-

The 308 is regarded by many as one of Ferrari‘s greatest production and styling triumphs. The original 308 GTB released in 1975 is the first production Ferrari to have a fiberglass body, excluding the bonnet which is aluminum. The 308 GTB is the direct successor to the Dino 246 GT and enthusiasts of that model praise the air intakes, double taillights and concave rear window that are reminiscent of the predecessor. After a few years, in 1977, the 308 gets a steel body and the car gets the necessary innovations over the years. For example, the 308 gets an injection system in 1980 and ‘the prancing horse’ presents the 308 Quattrovalvole in 1982. Yes, with four valves per cylinder. Due to the extra valves, the maximum power has increased to 240 hp.

The 308 you see here was handed over to the first owner in America on February 6, 1986. Timothy Hord was allowed to collect his special white sports car with red leather from the dealer in Dearborn, Michigan, according to the original booklet that came with the car is present. A color combination that we rarely encounter, and that while the 308 looks remarkably well. In that case, there is also the fact that the car is in a very fresh condition and that is of course almost logical with a mileage of 34,955, about 56,000 kilometers. That mileage can be read directly from the interior, which is in excellent condition. The leather of the seats is supple, well maintained and hardly shows any significant wear. Actually, we also immediately discussed the rest of the interior because that too is all in a beautiful condition. The red dashboard is free of damage, the characteristic sea-green meters of Veglia are in a very nice optical condition and fully functional and even the steering wheel is still beautiful without any worn spots. Carpeting, door panels and other controls are also all beautiful. Rarely do we see original interiors so beautiful. And complete too, because the 308 has air conditioning ex-factory.

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Morgan Plus 4 2000 Wide Body

2010 – Top quality example!

morgan plus 4 2000 wide body 2010

Estimate: € 63.750,-

Sometimes you hardly need to talk about the condition of a car, because it can simply be described as ‘new’. That is the case with this amazing Morgan Plus 4, from the second owner. A car that is not only beautifully composed, but also in an absolute enthusiast’s condition.

This Morgan was first registered on July 24, 2010. What a fantastic summer that must have been for the first owner. Open touring in one of the purest sports cars that could be bought new at that time. Jaguar’s Gun Metal Gray was the color chosen along with a red interior. What a combination! The convertible top is also made in red and it gives this Morgan, especially together with the black painted wire wheels, a unique look. The car has everything: sportiness, a classic and at the same time exclusive appearance: a wonderful combination.

The first owner chose only the best for his car. After receiving it in 2010, the car was serviced at the best known Morgan dealers in England, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
The car came to the Netherlands in 2016, with a mileage of about 53,000. Through the official Morgan sales channel in the Netherlands, the car was quickly sold to the second owner, who subsequently did not sell it.

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