Former Lotus and Ferrari Boss Launches Supercar To Rival The Old Firms

Danny Behar, the controversial former head of Lotus and Ferrari, has revealed the first all-new model from his coachbuilding company. Ares Design, based in Modena, Italy, has previously re-imagined classics such as the Land Rover Defender, Porsche 911, Corvette Stingray and DeTomaso Pantera, but the S1 Project is a ground-up new vehicle.

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Despite production being limited to just 24 cars, Behar says the S1 is not to join the ranks of multi-million-dollar hypercars. It is “a car to comprise hypercar design, supercar performance and a sports car price tag,” he says.



The naturally-aspirated V-8 motor is claimed to produce over 700 hp and rev to 8800 rpm. It will be mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission to drive the rear wheels. Ares Design hasn’t revealed the origin of either engine or gearbox. The car will be suspended on double wishbones all round, but no other information about the chassis has been detailed.

The bodywork, which seems to pinch a bit from Porsche (918 Spyder exhausts anyone?) and a bit from Koenigsegg, will be hand-formed carbon fiber. The interior is an explosion of hand-stitched Alcantara and exposed carbon. The layout looks pleasingly simple and we do like the co-driver digital display—borrowed, perhaps from previous employer Ferrari?

A full-size model is to be shown at Salon Privé in London on 23-26 September when we’ll find out more.

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