Five Questions To John Collins – Talacrest

Episode #5 John Collins: Our new buyer’s guide series of short interviews with the most influential collectors and dealerships is giving you some insight’s  into the market and the most collectable automobiles. Find out more here

Five Questions To John Collins - Talacrest

1. How is the market doing at the moment ?

I’ve had good start to my year. Sold several 50’s 60’s cars. Two have gone to the USA with pound dollar exchange rate favouring the USA.

2. What are the three most important buying criteria ?

History of the cars, condition, and working out what market desires at the time.

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3. What are the most undervalued and overlooked classics ?

I think 330 and 365 GTC’s and the undervalued 275 GTS are really great buys. I have sold six 330 GTC’s and a 365 in last several months.They have plenty room for growth.

4. Whats your daily driver ?

812 Superfast tailor made at the factory. A great car.

5. Your dream car and all time favourite ?

My all time favourite is 250 series 1 spyder. They only made 35 covered headlight cars and each one is hand made. And a third of the price of a California spyder. When they were new the series 2 was way more expensive than the California.

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