Everrati Electrified Porsche 911 Wide Body Cabriolet

Everrati is giving one of the best-loved Porsche 911 generations a new lease on life — and a lot more performance — with its electrified 911 wide-body Cabriolet.

everrati 964 widebody 12

Starting with a 964 (989-1994) 911 Cabriolet, Everrati installs a 493 horsepower, 368 lb-ft of torque electric motor powered by a 62kWh battery. 0-60 comes in less than four seconds with an estimated range of 200 miles on a full charge.

Each chassis is stripped and rebuilt, with wide-body fenders added for the classic Porsche look. Every effort is made to retain the car’s original weight balance and keep the handling characteristics these cars are known for. The conversion is also completely reversible, meaning the car can be re-converted to the original engine and transmission, keeping its value for the future.

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