Eeyo 1 Electric Bike By Gogoro

Crafted without compromise from ultralight carbon fiber. You’ll feel like you’re riding a bike, not a battery. The Gates Carbon Drive® provides a smooth, stealthy ride. This durable, worry-free solution is quiet and dependable, so you can focus on your ride. Both the Stand Charger and Portable Charger snap quickly and easily around the Eeyo Smartwheel. No more hunting for tiny charging ports.

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About Gogoro

Gogoro reimagined what electric scooters could be, now they’re doing the same for electric bikes.

Gogoro was founded nearly a decade ago, to take an active role in creating the cleaner, more connected cities they deserve. Gogoro knew from the start it would take more than designing and manufacturing just another electric vehicle to make a real impact. They had to address people’s needs in a way that worked with the lives and habits they’d already built.

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