Edelweiß Bergpreis Roßfeld 2020

On the Roßfeld-Panoramastrasse it is at the moment as quiet as never before because of the Corona crisis. When the serious situation has hopefully calmed down again by the summer, the engines of the historic racing cars, motorcycles and buses will finally sound for two days in autumn.

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The “International Edelweiss Mountain Prize Roßfeld Berchtesgaden” offers from 25 to 27 September 2020 the eagerly awaited time travel to the golden era of motorsport.In the current global crisis there are of course more important things than classic car events, whereby it affects all organizers (some of them existential), participants and spectators.We are aware of our responsibility and we know that there will be life after the crisis. Therefore, we will continue to concentrate on the planning for the Edelweiss Mountain Award and we hope for the promised support of all sponsors, partners, participants and helpers – and for many spectators.

DownloadFans of historic racing can once again look forward to two highlights: No fewer than 40 rally cars, drivers of the past and important contemporary witnesses will be on display as part of the rally focus. And also the Scuderia Hartmann, the legendary racing team from Berchtesgaden, will be remembered 60 years after its most successful time – with no less than 4 original racing cars and related Formula Junior cars with DKW technology.

The number of spectators has risen in recent years to a level where it has become increasingly difficult to organise the Edelweiss Mountain Prize in a sensible way. In 2018 a limit was reached up to which the safety of the visitors and the entire course of the event can still be guaranteed. Parking lots, transport possibilities with the busses, catering stations and spectator places are exhausted and even the schedule with three demonstration runs per day can only be carried out with the number of participant vehicles and spectators now reached.

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For these reasons we have decided to offer the tickets only via advance sale. They are available via the link on our homepage and of course also by telephone at Ticket-Scharf in Berchtesgaden and for Sparkasse customers in the district of BGL also at all branches of our partner bank.

Our ambassador, Walter Röhrl, will of course also be there again, and he himself revealed the secret of his emergency vehicle a few weeks ago at Retro Classics in Stuttgart: the Bavaria Rallye took place from 25 to 27 September 1970, when Walter Röhrl drove a Porsche in a rally for the first time. Friends have now recreated this vehicle true to the original and exactly 50 years later he will be driving the 911 S at the Edelweiss Mountain Prize from 25 to 27 September 2020. This will be a highlight at this year’s special theme “Rally legends”. The development of the rally sport will be shown with 40 cars from the 40s to the 80s. Drivers such as Rudi Stohl and Harald Demuth, but also the probably most famous co-driver, Christian Geistdörfer, have promised to come.

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Between 1958 and 1961 the busy DKW dealer and workshop operator Alfred Hartmann built about 15 Formula Junior racing cars, first in the Nonntal and then in Unterau, and used them throughout Europe with his Scuderia Hartmann. From currently five worldwide known cars, four cars will be at the start of the Edelweiss Mountain Prize in September and present local motorsport history. Heinrich Maltz, overall winner of 2018, and most successful driver of the Scuderia Hartmann will again drive a “Hartmann” 60 years after his involvement in the Roßfeld race. In addition, Joachim Drews will also be driving the Drews-Spyder, the car that, as the “Hartmann-Spyder”, has achieved many successes with Alfred Hartmann at the wheel.

As if that wasn’t enough, four more cars are registered in the Formula Junior field, which either participated in the 1960 race and/or are equipped with DKW technology – such as the legendary Mitter-DKW, which is driven by Gerhard Mitter Jun.



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Photos by  Herbert Steves (heppypress) / rossfeldrennen.de

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