Custom Lada Niva By Vagabund Moto

Vagabund Moto recently launched a great project that is actually very unusual for them. Usually the crew from Graz, Austria builds unique and stylish custom motorcycles. This time, however, they opted for an art fun marketing project based on a 2007 Lada Niva.

Vagabund©StefanLeitner 109

During construction, they quickly realized that the financial outlay was difficult in relation to a possible sales price. For this reason, this incredibly stylish and functional vehicle will probably not change hands for the time being. Nonetheless, the Vagabund team managed to incorporate their adventure lifestyle into the vehicle. In the future, however, they are planning further projects related to cars, which may be based on a Land Rover Defender or a Toyota Land Cruiser. This planning is still in its infancy, Paul assured me.


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But here is some information about the Lada Niva…


  • roof rack by F-Design
  • Steel gray paint
  • Dotz Pharao rims on 205/75 R15 Malades Kobra tires
  • PIAA auxiliary headlights with 3D printed cover caps
  • Suspension raised
  • Cleared rear wiper
  • Front and rear bumpers removed and replaced at the rear by a spartan design
  • Interior left original

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