Coyote Edition ™ By Gateway Bronco

A significant aspect of the Gateway Bronco’s distinctiveness lies in the personalized approach to crafting our classic Ford Bronco builds. A prime example is demonstrated by this 1971 Bronco, showcasing a unique custom Ombre design. This creative endeavor was a result of a collaborative partnership aimed at precisely tuning the gradient stripe shades to align with the client’s envisioned outcome.

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The adept Gateway Bronco design team synergized with the client’s discerning design sensibilities, culminating in the realization of a truly unparalleled vehicle. Notably, the interior boasts a carefully curated selection of premium leather and complementary houndstooth inserts, ensuring a refined and exclusive ambiance.

An assortment of meticulous touches contribute to the overall coherence of the design, such as the bespoke yellow racetrack encircling the grille and the distinctive yellow ‘FORD’ badging. This classic Ford Bronco stands as the epitome of a bespoke collaboration, emblematic of the quintessential Gateway Bronco approach.


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