Coppa Citta Di Enna GTSCC 2024 Entry Forms

Automobiles Historiques Limited (‘the organisers’) is organising a National series called the ‘GT & Sports Car Cup’ for Pre-66 GTs & Pre-63 sports-cars of a type that were raced in the World Endurance Championship in period. Pre-66 Touring cars may be invited to join the GT & Sports Car Cup at the discretion of the organisers.


Entry to the ‘GT & Sports Car Cup’ is by invitation only. Both car and driver selection are at the sole discretion of the organiser and promoter, who may accept cars from a later period, provided that they are in the spirit of the series.

All cars should have a valid Historic Technical Passport (a copy should be uploaded with the completed entry form); run under period specifications used in World Endurance Championship; comply with Appendix K, as well as the event organiser’s regulations. Should it be in the spirit of the GT & Sports Car Cup, a car with an HTP application in process, with an expired HTP, or with no HTP, may be considered by invitation at the discretion of the organiser.

Electronic ignition is permitted. Unless one of the original 12 ‘Lightweights’, all Jaguar E-Types and AC Cobras must weight a minimum of 1000 kilograms at all times.



Equipe Summer Classic at Silverstone Grand Prix: 8-9 June 2024

Autumn Classic at Castle Combe: 21-22 September 2024

Algarve Classic Festival at Portimao: 25 – 26 – 27 October 2024

Entry closing date is 30 days prior to each event. Entries may stay open until the grids are full.


The race durations will be as follows:

Silverstone: 120-minute race.

Castle Combe: 120-minute race.

Portimao: 120-minute race.


The owner of the car must drive for at least 50% of the racing time at each event. If the owner does not wish to drive his/her own car, this must have been discussed and accepted by the Organisers prior to the event.

During a 120-minute race, no single driver may stay behind the wheel for over 50 minutes at a time.

There is no minimum time imposed for driver changes.

A driver competing on his/her own will also have to respect these stops and remain stationary for 45 seconds during each stop, providing that he/she is considered to be an amateur driver.

In the event of a double stint, a driver will have to stop and remain stationary for 45 seconds during his/her pit stop, providing that he/she is considered to be an amateur driver.

It is permitted to have three drivers sharing a car during a two-stop race, in which case the owner of the car will have to drive for a minimum of 33% of the racing time.

Non-compliance with the regulations may result in a penalty of between 10 seconds and 5 minutes and/or of 1 to 3 laps. It may also result in exclusion from the results.


All cars must run on 204-compound Dunlop Racing L-section tyres or earlier. In the event of a suitable size of tyre not being available for certain rims, the organiser’s prior approval must be sought.


GT1: Period E GT cars (1947 – 1961) up to 2-litre

GT2: Period F GT cars (1962 – 1965) up to 2-litre

GT3: Period E GT cars (1947 – 1961) over 2-litre

Period F GT cars (1962 – 1965) from 2-litre to 3.5-litre

GT4: Period F GT cars (1962 – 1965) over 3.5-litre

SP1: Pre-63 Sports-cars under 2-litre

SP2: Pre-63 Sports-cars over 2-litre

TC1: Pre-66 Touring cars up to 1.5 litre

TC2: Pre-66 Touring cars from 1.5 litre to 4 litre

TC3: Pre-66 Touring cars over 4 litre

The Organisers reserve the right to re-allocate any car from one class to another.

‘GT & Sports Car Cup’

The Organisers may in their entire discretion make special merit awards to Competitors, none of which will be dependent upon any accumulation of results achieved in the races.


No advertising is allowed on the cars unless the organiser has issued written consent prior to the event. In the event of gaining sponsorship, the organiser has the right to ask all competitors to display sponsorship decals on their cars and embroidered logos on their overalls.

Entry fees

Annual Registration Fee                      (inclusive of VAT) £150

Equipe Summer Classic at Silverstone  (inclusive of VAT) £1750

Autumn Classic at Castle Combe          (inclusive of VAT) £1500

Algarve Classic Festival at Portimao      (to include accommodation) £1950

The organiser, Automobiles Historiques Limited, will only consider fully completed entry forms sent with full payment and there will be no refund in case of cancellation, unless a full 21-day written notice is received by the organiser before the event.


In the case of a whole race meeting being cancelled, or of a ‘GT & Sports Car Cup’ race at any meeting being cancelled, or shortened in circumstances that are wholly or partly outside the control of the organiser, the organiser will have no liability to refund entry fees paid by entrants, unless and to the extent that the organiser themselves receive repayment from third parties. In no event will the organiser be liable for any recompense for entrants’ abortive travel and related costs or other compensation. The organiser reserves the right to change the regulations at any time, without any notification.

Release and Indemnity

Motor racing is dangerous. By signing an entry form to race in the GT & Sports Car Cup, or by agreeing to drive or allow one’s car to be raced in the GT & Sports Car Cup, each entrant, owner and driver, who participates in the GT & Sports Car Cup, hereby unconditionally releases, discharges and indemnifies the organiser, Automobiles Historiques Limited, and its shareholders, directors and staff members, from and against any liability or responsibility in any jurisdiction in respect of any economic or physical damage or injury, which may be caused to him/herself and/or the car entered, whether as a result of the act, omission or alleged negligence of any of them or of any other competitor which occurs in a round of the GT & Sports Car Cup.

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