Converted School Bus Camper By Mybushotel

After more than 500 hours of work by the team of passionate experts, they finally arrived at the result they were looking for.

The goal is to create vehicles that are ideal for road-trips without losing comfort.

Mybushotel Converted School Bus Campers 1

With a team with experiences in luxury hotels, eventmanagement, art cabinet making and of course travel, they design vehicles inspired by their own experiences as well as the codes of the French hotel industry. That is why every square inch of Leon is up to convenience and aestheticism with the best comfort possible! The team of cabinetmakers has put all its passion and French craftsmanship into the design of Leon to make him the besttravelling companion! 

Everything has been designed to make Leon your best friend both on road–trips and as a full-time house. Thanks to their experience, they have made Leon the ultimate versatile vehicle, in terms of comfort, functionality and space. It offers you, all the comfort of a small house on wheels with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, small living room and even a roof terrace!

Thanks to these numerous facilities, such as solar panels, an instantaneous water heater, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable bathroom and other gadgets, Léon is totally independent and does not need to be connected to water and electricity at all times. This makes him a real little house on wheels!

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