CCW-Profile: Porsche 911 GT2 EVO

It’s in 1998 that Francois buy the brand new GT2 EVO. He will make it painted by Peter Klasen – a german contemporary artist, painter, photographer and sculptor working within the industrial theme.

Photo 1 Kopie

This painting will allow the Porsche to enter into the select club of the Art Cars. It’s painting inspired  by the construction sites and civil works world, give the look of a blue tarpaulin laying on the white vehicle with red stripes showing then the perfect match between art and automobile. In 1998, Jean-Pierre Jarier and Francois Lafone runned the GT-FSSA in Dijon with this 911 GT2. The title of France Champion will be won by Jean-Pierre Jarier known as Godasse de plomb or Godasso with such a spectacular race. The car will be then the GT2 France vice-champion in 1999.

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