CCW-Profile: McLaren 720s Spider

The McLaren 720S Spider is the most accomplished convertible supercar ever from McLaren, combining the thrill of open-air driving with unparalleled Super Series dynamic performance and sophistication. The team of collectorscarworld spent a weekend with the high-performance supercar. Despite the rain, we were totally inspired by McLaren’s supercar. Of course, our drone was not missing. So have a look at our video about the McLaren 720s Spider! Enjoy!


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  • Light, stiff and extremely strong Monocage II-S carbon fibre core features integrated rollover protection structure (ROPS); needs no additional strengthening over Coupé, ensuring a convertible without compromise and guaranteeing exceptional dynamic agility
  • Bespoke carbon fibre body structure and new Retractable Hard Top (RHT) support a lightest dry weight of 1,332kg – lightest in class at just 49kg more than the 720S Coupé and 88kg less than the dry weight of its closest competitor
  • Unparalleled visibility due to unique, glazed flying buttresses that also accentuate aerodynamic purity of design and increase downforce
  • Patented new carbon fibre roof system is electrically actuated and delivers fastest-operating time in the supercar class, lowering or raising in 11 seconds at vehicle speeds of up to 50km/h (31mph)
  • Retractable Hard Top is available glazed with an electrochromic glass panel that can rapidly switch between tinted and transparent states
  • 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine produces 720PS and 770Nm of torque, with a power-to-weight ratio for 720S Spider at lightest dry weight of 540PS/tonne
  • Acceleration from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) is same as 720S Coupé at 2.9 seconds; 0-200km/h in 7.9 seconds; maximum speed with roof raised 341km/h (212mph) – roof lowered 325km/h (202mph)
  • Active rear spoiler aerodynamics automatically tuned to closed- or open-roof driving


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