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Historic race car owners trust Canepa´s motorsport team to deliver the expertise to restore and run their vehicles at the highest level. See here the cars of Canepa who just arrived in their inventory.

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Singer “Reimagined” 911

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Singer has established itself in the automotive industry as one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. Many of their one of one custom builds have been featured in various magazines, shows, etc., making headlines worldwide. Founder Rob Dickinson set out on a journey to develop the ultimate retro air-cooled 911. Using the best engine, chassis, and road components, this is the recipe for the best homage to the original 911 S/T.

The starting point is a 964-era Coupe or Targa, stripped to bare metal before being dipped in anti-corrosive coating and then treated to custom carbon fiber bodywork. Every detail after that, from the headlights to the engine bay, the bespoke wiring harness to the sophisticated braking system, or the suspension components, has a level of motorsport quality and finishing. Even the sound deadening inside the car was designed by aircraft specialists, and the 4.0-liter engines were built by Ed Pink Racing Engines.

This particular 911 by Singer was initially ordered in August of 2018. This is part of the first production series done by Singer. The Carrera 4S started as a donor car and was stripped down to the bare metal, where the long process of building this 1 of 1 machine began. The exterior is finished in Fiona Metallic, with side dark ivory stripes. The entire exterior paint is protected in X-PEL protection film. The interior of the car is fitted with Track front seats with custom leather panels finished in Blue charcoal.

The dash is finished off in Nickel Singer/Black Reimagined using early 911 style gauge units. A roll hoop and harness bar were also installed to provide more safety. The handling of this Singer is being supported by Ohlins suspension, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, and Michelin Pilot Sport tires on Fuchs/RS 16in wheels.

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1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America

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The Lancia Aurelia stands out to be one of the significant automobiles of the 1950s. Designed by Vittorio Jano, the Aurelia caused a sensation when it was introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1950. The transmission was placed in the rear just in front of the axle, resulting in an almost perfect weight distribution. The V6 aluminum engine had two distinctive banks opened out to form a 60-degree angle, for a better intake of cold air. The result was a car with superb performance and handling qualities, well ahead of its competitors. The Spider America is considered to be the most exciting and beautiful ‘50s spiders ever.

This B24S Spider America is a very special example that possesses an unbroken chain of ownership, the most desirable options, and an outstanding concours-quality restoration. Based on our research, the history of B24S 0037 can be traced back to June 8th 1955, when it was sold to its first owner. Throughout the years, the Lancia was registered at the Automobile Club D’Italia. The records show the owners history and different transactions during the first 3 decades of the car. In 1985, Umberto Genovesse Fraccaro purchased the Aurelia and brought it to his home in Castelfranco, Italy. During his ownership, Mr. Fraccaro obtain the certificate of homologation from the Historian Italian Motorclub. Over the next 30 years, Mr. Fraccaro owned the car and enjoyed it along the Italian coast.

In 2018, Lukas Huni AG acquired the Lancia and brought it to Carrozzeria Dino Cognolato in Vigonza, Italy. At this facility, the Lancia began a full restoration. They disassembled the spider to the last nut and bolt. All of the panels were removed, and the drivetrain components were sent to B+F touring garage. The engine was rebuilt and upgraded for better torque, but maintaining its originality, the gearbox was overhauled and resulted in very reliable and fun drivetrain.

The Lancia received many upgrades that improved the rideability and drivability while keeping the iconic timeless design. These upgrades were in the form of structural upgrades to re enforced the floor structure to accommodate taller passengers. The original seats were lowered, but reupholstered to original spec. After 3 years of restoration, the Lancia was completed along with the Fontana Hardtop that was built to original specification. This timeless piece of design was ready for his new owner. In July of 2021, the Lancia arrived to the U.S. where it was stored in a temperature-controlled facility.

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