BorromeodoSilva STL-1 Mustang Restmod

BorromeodeSilva, a Milanese-based design studio specializing in automotive design and restomods, is embarking on a new project that combines American muscle with Italian style. Their vision is to reimagine the best all-terrain Mustang in the world, merging their expertise in restomod design with a passion for endless open roads.

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The car undergoes extensive modifications both mechanically and aesthetically to align with their unique vision and mission. Having previously focused on quintessentially European cars like the Lancia Delta, Porsche 928, and Lamborghini Diablo, the studio now shifts its attention to the USA, aiming to celebrate the Ford Mustang as the ultimate road trip companion.

For BorromeodeSilva, the Mustang holds a special significance. In 2008, their creative director Carlo Borromeo embarked on a cross-country journey from New York City to Buenos Aires in his 1968 Fastback Mustang. It was during this epic adventure along the Panamericana that the concept of modifying the Mustang into the perfect adventure machine took shape. After years of development, the idea is finally coming to fruition.

The design process has been an internal passion project for the studio over the past few years. They have assembled the right teams in both the USA and EU to bring the vision to life and plan to proceed with building at least one car for themselves. Additionally, they express openness to constructing more vehicles for interested customers. Those intrigued by their project are encouraged to reach out for further information.


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