BH Auction – Tokyo March 2020

BH Auction presents the “TOKYO | March” selection from 2020/03/27 FRI to 2020/03/28 SAT. Find the top lots of this auction here.


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Here the top lots


1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Rare example with center-locking wheel. Complete with leather bag accessories. Steel body. A very rare 300SL Gullwing with center-locking wheel which was an option in Japan. It is sure to rise in value in the future.

Chassis No.: 198.040 5500689

Mileage: 51,870 mile


2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR(997)

Chassis No.: WP0ZZZ99Z7S799939



1970 Toyota 2000GT

Following the traditional sports car styling with an elegant long nose and short deck, complete with a retractable head light, the Toyota 2000 GT burst onto the scene in 1967 as the first genuine Japanese GT car. The engine was a 2-liter inline 6 DOHC which Yamaha Motors were heavily involved in development. At that time, capable of 150 horse power, it was the most powerful Japanese spec. Also, the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 4-wheel disk break, and rack and pinion steering, the vehicle was filled with high tech mechanism of the time. It remains very popular as one of the most famous and powerful Japanese GT cars.

This example with a revised fog lamp design is the late model. The silver exterior highlights the elegant bodyline. Yamaha’s wood processing technology is applied abundantly on the dashboard and the center console. Using top quality wood to create a highly detailed interior, it matches the status of this vehicle as the first Japanese GT car. Almost 50 years has passed since its birth, but it still retains the breath-taking beauty.

Chances of coming across a quality 2000GT continues to diminish, especially an example that has been carefully preserved by a collector. Also, the fact that this example is highly original adds to its value.

Chassis No.: MF10-10477

Mileage: 37,810km




Nicknamed “Hakosuka”, the vehicle made its debut in 1968 as the first new model from Nissan Prince. After four-door sedans, wagons and vans that had a more practical use for customers, the 2000GT (GC10) with a longer nose, equipped with a L20 2-liter inline six SOHC made its debut, as it was with the former Prince Skyline, the expectation rose within the motor sports world.

On October 1968, at the 15th Tokyo Motor Show, the “Skyline GT Racing Spec” made its debut. Inside 2000GT’s four-door sedan body, was the S20 2-liter inline 6 DOHC. The stimulating model graced with the engine, which had all of GR8 engine’s know-how inserted into it, was all the craze at the show. The GR8 engine was developed for the Nissan R380 (the GT prototype racing car) and it was developed to defeat Porsche.

Next February, the name changed from Racing to “R”, with mostly the same body shell as the concept model, the first-generation Skyline GT-R (PGC10) was born. For the S20 engine, for the first time in history for a production vehicle, a 4 valve DOHC S20 was applied.

832 four-door sedan Hakosuka GT-Rs (PGC10) were produced, and when the short wheelbase two-door hard top was added to its lineup in 1970, the GT-R was left with the two-door hard top (KPGC10).

The “Hakosuka GT-R” was produced to race in the touring car race and after its debut in “JAF Grand Prix”, until the team ceased its works race activity on October 1972, they won an astonishing 52 races and among them 49 were won consecutively.

Since only few were produced, the four-door sedan Hakosuka GT-R (PGC10) with a S20 engine, is valued by enthusiasts. In order to capture the original “touring car race model” feel, the engine, suspension, and additional indicators, were added. This example makes one realize that the S20 engine is indeed a racing grade engine.

Chassis No.: PGC10-000135

Mileage: 39,270km



1966 Aston Martin DB6 Mk.1

The DB6 was unveiled at the London Motor Show in 1965. It is the last of the DB series that had evolved from its predecessor DB4 and DB5.
Extending the roof line by 2 inches and securing extra headroom and elongating the wheelbase by 4 inches compared to the DB5, the renowned 007 Bond Car, the DB6 realized a more comfortable space for customers seated in the back seats, providing an answer for the best 4 seated grand tourer.

At that time, trying to make the space even more comfortable, compared to the DB5, the DB6 had a heavier feel and thus received criticism from a few fanatics for lacking beauty as a sports car. But now days, its revaluation as the epitome of modern-day grand tourer with its sophisticated design is on the rise again, especially the coda tronca style tail. Although DB4 and DB5 used the premier Carrozzeria “Touring” patented “Superleggera” method, DB6 instead used the more efficient press metal body structure. Compared to the DB5, the body is only 8 kg heavier (Expanding the body size, the vehicle body weight increased by 40kg ), a vehicle with superb weight distribution.

Equipped with a 3,995 cc inline 6 engine and triple SU carburetor, it has a maximum output of 5,500 rpm and 282 bhp. The maximum speed is 150 mph, 0→60 mph acceleration is only 7 seconds. It certainly had the high performance necessary to be called the ultimate “DB”.

This example is a narrow body Mk.1 with a white elegant body color and equipped with an option “TUDOR / WEBASTO”” leather top sun roof.
The chassis number“2826R” was produced in 1966. The example is an earlier model, DB6 Mk.1 and records show that the car had been imported and registered in Japan in 1989.

Chassis No.: DB6/2826R

Mileage: 8,900km



1982 RANGE ROVER 3.5 2door

Among the popular classic range, this is a two-door model that has recently been gaining value as a rare model. This example is in excellent condition since the previous owner spent £ 70,000 to restore it in the UK.

Chassis No.: SALLHABV1AA122373

Mileage: 78,650miles



1969 LOTUS ELAN S3 FHC “Black Badge”


  • An example that was restored meticulously
  • A “fixed-head” coupe
  • A black badge model in memory of Jim Clark


Unit No.: 36/8331

Mileage: 64,260 km




Owned by a Japanese owner, this 1966 Mustang coupe was restored by “MUSTANG ETC.” Taking place over a course of a year and half, the Van Nuyes based Mustang restore specialist fully restored this example in detail.

Due to the request of the owner, the exterior was painted grey over white leather interior, the combination leaves a very chic impression, equipped with an air conditioner, using it for everyday driving is no problem. The engine is a Ford small block V8 with a combination of 3-speed AT.

The overall atmosphere remains royal to the original, but each portion is updated so that it can be used comfortably in current day traffic. Since for the restoration only, 60,000 dollars was spent, the condition remains as though it is brand new and you can enjoy the exquisite cruise ability right away.

Chassis No.: 6R07C181247

Mileage: 74,900km



2019 McLaren Senna


  • Exterior is the option color, Abyss Black
  • 1 of 500 examples produced(No.393/500)
  • Option total is approximately 8,500,000 JPY


Chassis No.: SBM15ACE8KW800393

Mileage: 110km



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