Bamford x RÆBURN Snoopy B80

Innovation and sustainability with the Bamford x RÆBURN Snoopy B80 Limited-Edition watch. Born from a shared passion for Peanuts’ iconic Snoopy, this unique timepiece celebrates responsible design in a brand new ‘parachute’ design.

Bamford x RÆBURN Snoopy B80 boasts an earthy colour palette inspired by RÆBURN’s iconic parachute logo. The playful dial artwork features Snoopy descending to Earth via RÆBURN’s authentic pilot’s parachute, symbolising a shared mission of responsible design, art and cultural innovation.


Each limited-edition watch comes with an olive strap made from recycled Raeburn parachute material, elegantly presented in a distinctive PEANUTS doghouse box crafted from FSC certified recycled wood.


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