Ares Modena: Wami Lalique Spyder

It’s 1953. A red two-seater Spyder runs on the Moyenne Corniche on a sunny morning. Its sports engine roars fiercely as its shimmering wheels and graceful elegant lines, shaped by an Italian coach builder, glisten in the morning sun. A silk scarf flutters just above the windscreen, as a pair of leather gloves glides over the steering wheel. Life is sweet. 

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It is not difficult to imagine why the Spyder and sports cars from the Fifties have become so iconic and even today they are looked at with dreamy eyes.

They were pure embodiments of the glamour, the exclusiveness, the light- heartedness of those fabulous times. In a word, of the Dolce Vita. The extraordinary driving emotions of those bygone days are relived today in the Wami Lalique Spyder, the result of the stunning automotive design collaboration between ARES and world-renowned French crystal maker Lalique; the latest addition in the Legends Reborn programme.


The style of the Wami Lalique Spyder has been painstakingly conceived by the ARES’ Centro Stile and clearly draws inspiration from the finest two-seaters of the 1950s.

With a bold muscular silhouette, reminiscent of the halcyon days of the Dolce Vita, the Spyder’s exterior is crafted from a blend of hand-shaped aluminium and carbon fibre. Its evocative styling cues include chromed exhausts, front and rear bumper with over-riders and wire wheels giving the vehicle the opulent nod to the past and a timeless appearance.


Inside, bespoke French crystal design meets handcrafted Italian upholstery creating a perfect blend of artisan skills and sumptuous luxury detailing. From the delicately decorated centre console to the doors, the elegant interior boasts hand-made crystal embellishments, perfectly complemented by the finest English oak dashboard housing the classic white on back dials – reminiscent of the bygone era. The many details enriched with the glass finishes from the French Maison show a style that recalls the Art Nouveau era and transform the car into a true piece of art.

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