Airwolf By UDX

UDX combines cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize flying, transport, and entertainment. Fearless and canny engineers at UDX are bringing justice to the word “future.”

UDX’s hoverbike is a tiltrotor eVTOL, an aircraft capable of vertical take-off, transition to forward flight, and vertical landing, all powered by an electric powertrain. Its compact wings and lift provide energy savings for longer flights, offering a breezy experience while retaining the agility of a hummingbird. The tilting motors enable precise control in challenging locations, ensuring absolute and unwavering precision across all flight regimes—take-off, landing, and in-flight maneuvering.

The use of electric ducted fans (EDFs) instead of conventional large-diameter free propellers represents the design of the future. EDFs enhance the safety of passengers and their surroundings. Providing the same thrust with a much smaller diameter compared to conventional propellers allows for easier storage and quick transportation. This makes EDFs suitable for both urgent transport to and from inaccessible locations, as well as for recreation and sport.

The use of lift surfaces results in lower energy consumption during horizontal flight, significantly increasing the flight range. The wings are designed for maximum efficiency at the relatively low flight speeds of the hoverbike. By omitting active steering surfaces, the design is simplified, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing reliability. All aspects of flight stability and steering are controlled by the tiltable EDFs. The main construction material of the wings is carbon composite, a very lightweight and sturdy material. This allows the wings to easily bear both aerodynamic loads and the load from the EDFs located at their ends.


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