Air-Cooled: A Visit To Rico Customs

Rico , as his friends call him, is actually called Rik. He is a fashion designer in real life and especially loves cars. For as long as he can remember. His dad used to take him to the race track in Zandvoort and that’s how he developed his love of classic cars. He was particularly taken with the brand from Zuffenhausen and the flat 6 engine and dreamed of doing his own thing from an early age. Since March of this year, he has been concentrating entirely on the individualization, customization and restoration of Porsche vehicles.

Air-Cooled: A Visit To Rico Customs

I met him in person at one of the last Onassis Porsche events and we agreed that we would follow up at his home, Rico Customs, and I would see his passion for myself.
I see a lot of cars and people in our beautiful hobby all year round, but this visit to Holland between Zwolle and Amersfoort particularly inspired me. Rico is bubbling over with ideas, has already designed and created many beautiful special Porsche vehicles and the stylish vintage garage in the middle of the most beautiful landscape provides a special setting for his creativity.

What does he himself say about his passion and his dream cars?

I started Rico Customs when I was searching for the perfect 911 but could not find what I was looking for, so I built it myself. At Rico Customs, we’re not just about restoring classic 911s; we’re about creating custom legends. With a passion for perfection and an eye for innovation, we breathe new life into timeless icons. From complete restorations to bold outlaw builds, every car we touch becomes a masterpiece. And Porsche gave us the perfect silhouette.

There is already a long waiting list of projects for this year, because Rico’s work and his perfection is of course particularly appreciated by Porsche enthusiasts all over the world.
For every project, Rico tries to find a passionate match with the customer. Every customer gets a completely individual automobile. It is usually a 911, but he could also imagine refining other Porsches such as the legendary 356.

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Of course, you don’t just go home after such inspiration – together we have developed a wonderful, very cool project that you will be hearing about in the coming months.

Here is a small gallery of snapshots from Rico Customs Garage – as an appetizer to call Rico and discuss and realize your Porsche dream.

Further information and contact details can be found here:

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