512 Highlights Of The Silverstone Festival

Last weekend’s Silverstone Festival (previously known as the Silverstone Classic) was a huge event with large and varied grids on the track and many forms of off track entertainment.

512 Highlights Of The Silverstone Festival

For me, however, the highlight of the meeting was to see not just one, but two, Ferrari 512s from the brief period in 1969/70 where they raced against the iconic Porsche 917s. Only 25 were built ( thus satisfying homologation regulations) and their 5 litre V12 engines have an evocative sound when being raced.

Here is a selection of photos of the two 512 and their drivers in action on the track at the Silverstone Festival

PRX37137 edited scaled PRX30994 edited scaled PRX36611 edited scaled PRX31156 edited PRX37099 edited scaled PRX36745 edited PRX36526 edited scaled


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