4.4 Liter V8 Motorcycle By Pavel Malanik

Pavel Malanik has dedicated his life to a profound passion for motorcycles, focusing not only on motorcycles in general, but specifically on the earliest developments in motorcycle technology. This era coincided with the emergence of powered flight and automobiles. The motorcycle showcased here is a product of Malanik’s craftsmanship, utilizing the design of an early J.A. Prestwich 4.4-liter V8 aircraft engine.

Motocykl Jap v8 letecky motor 10

Malanik’s primary fascination lies in the engines from the initial two decades of the internal combustion revolution, as well as the motorcycles that those adventurous individuals piloted to etch their mark in human history atop their two-wheeled “flying machines.”

Key Details – Pavel Malanik’s 4.4 Liter V8 Motorcycle:

  • Pavel Malanik is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast with an impressive 45-year history of working on motorcycles.
  • Professionally, Pavel is a skilled toolmaker, adept at crafting parts from steel and aluminum through precision machining.
  • Pavel’s journey commenced with recreating vintage motorcycles, including rarities such as the Laurin & Klement CCCC, the inaugural inline four-cylinder motorcycle manufactured in Eastern Europe.
  • Over time, his projects have evolved into progressively intricate vintage recreations, encompassing vehicles like the Trojan & Nagl Torpedo W-4 and a North London Garage bike powered by a substantial 2,714 cc (165.62 cu. in.) V-twin J.A.P. engine.
  • Malanik’s latest masterpiece centers around meticulously reimagining the air-cooled J.A. Prestwich 4.4-liter aircraft engine, followed by the creation of a motorcycle specifically designed to house and fully appreciate this engineering marvel.


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