2008 Aston Martin Vanquish S

Bastian Voigt Collectors Cars can offer you a real rarity in an exceptional good condition: This classic from the British sports car house has been built only 50 times, and this exemplar is one of only 30 left-hand drives.

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The Vanquish S is the more powerful and enhanced version of the Aston Martin Vanquish that has been first presented in 2001. The massive12-cylinder with a displacement of almost 6 litres delivers 528 PS (388 kW) compared to the 460 PS (338 kW) of the predecessor. Its appearance in the James Bond-movie “Die another day” made it known world-wide overnight and the car joined the illustrious line of its predecessors that had been used by 007. With its maximum speed of 321 km/h it was the fastest model Aston Martin had built until then, and it topped off the portfolio. Also, the chassis had been optimized with a different grille and an integrated rear spoiler. The interior had been upgraded and gearbox as well as rear axle had been improved. Next to its impressive road performance and its design it is especially the fantastic sound of the Vanquish S that thrills. We don’t know many other cars with a sound as beautiful as this.

For Aston Martin, the end of the V12 Vanquish-series also meant the end of a special era, because this was the last series to be produced at the headquarters in Newport-Pagnell and the complete relocation to the factory in Gaydon that was established in 2003.

To acknowledge this relevant event in the company history, Aston Martin launched a strictly limited edition of only 50 “Ultimate Edition” cars. These were the last handmade production cars and the last vehicles ever to be built in the old factory in Newport-Pagnell.

The Ultimate Edition of the Vanquish S is stamped by a paint exclusively created for these 50 vehicles, the “Ultimate Black”. Inside, too, the car is completely black including black chrome finish on some of the trim. Furthermore, each car obtained an individual plaque indicating its number of the special series. The sales price was 365,000 Euros.

The car offered here is the number 27 and a Swiss first delivery from 2008. The car was equipped with the red brake calipers and the 2+2 seating.

In 2013, the car was sold to another Swiss collector via Aston Martin Geneva. Smaller cosmetic works were executed in their workshop in order to transfer the car in an “as new”-condition to the second owner. Among others, two rims and the rear bumper got a new paint due to smaller scratches. All works are documented and did cost no more than 2,500 CHF, so it was really only small cosmetics.

In 2015 the actual German owner bought the car and imported it. So the Vanquish S has cleared EU customs and had been registered in Germany, too. During his ownership, too, the car was well looked after.

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