1973 Lola T282 HU6

The most rewarding front-running car of its era to drive, the Lola T282 is also the most sustainable with a robust aluminium monocoque chassis and proven Cosworth/Hewland drivetrain. Beautifully prepared with no expense spared and straightforward to run, HU6 has been a regular winner of European events in recent years. A passport to Le Mans Classic, CER, HSR Classic 24 Hour Daytona and HSCC Thundersports events, it is offered with a comprehensive spares inventory. 


The three litres engine capacity limit for 1972 rendered Porsche’s 917 and Ferrari’s 512Ss obsolete, resetting the rules of engagement for the rebranded FIA World Championship for Makes. Inspired by European agent Jo Bonnier, Lola Cars – winner of the 1969 Daytona 24 Hours with Roger Penske’s Chevrolet V8-engined T70 Mk3B – rose to the challenge, its Cosworth DFV-powered T280 proving quick out of the box.

While matching factory Ferrari 312Ps, Matra-Simca 670s and Alfa Romeo T33s would always be a tall order, privateer entrant Scuderia Filipinetti took on the resourceful grandee marques with gusto. Reine Wisell and Jean-Louis Lafosse qualified the development Lola T282 HU6, in sponsor SEITA’s iconic Gitanes livery, an outstanding fourth for the ’73 Daytona 24 Hours and 10th (best of the privateers) for the Le Mans 24 Hours.

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