1973 Ford Baja Bronco by Stroppe

Copley Motorcars

Copley Motorcars is offering this Ford Baja Bronco by Stroppe for sale.


1973 Ford Bronco Baja Bronco by Stroppe, S/N# U15GLR80665, Special Stroppe paint, poppy red bottom, white mid-section and blue top. 302 V8 with automatic transmission. Baja Broncos were made from 1971 to 1975 and total production guess is ~450 units. This Baja Bronco has its original MSRP and comes with a Marti report stating that this is one of 115 for model year ’73. Bill Stroppe was the Carrol Shelby for Ford’s 4×4 and off-road division. Made famous with Big ‘Oly with wins at the Baja 1000, Stroppe became the “buildsheet” customizer for Ford…you could walk into a dealership and check a box and get one of these…this truck was ordered by Ziems Motor Co. in Farmington, NM (the authorized Ford dealer there). Once Ford built it (on June 12, 1973) it was then transported to Stroppe’s shop in Long Beach, CA for modification. They redid the suspension, added flares, a Stroppe designed roll bar, steering wheel, graphics and more…this truck also has the extra option of the aptly named “Cactus Smasher” front bumper pusher. The total MSRP was $5,177 and most of these trucks didn’t survive. Early 70’s Broncos are very popular and sought after (Big ‘Oly sold for almost $2MM recently) and many are getting resto-modded…this Baja Bronco is just like it was when it left Bill Stroppe’s shop and is an important piece of Ford’s history, 4×4 history and a time when “tuners” were embraced by the factory to design and build something they couldn’t…simpler, cooler times indeed. Comes with framed MSRP and Marti report.

  • Authentic Stroppe Baja Bronco
  • MSRP and Marti report included
  • Thought of as the best year for the Bronco
  • One of only 115 Baja Broncos made by Stroppe in ‘73

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