1967 Ferrari 330 GTS


Talacrest is offering this Ferrari 330 GTS for sale. 

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1967 Ferrari 330 GTS

S/N: 9733


BODY: Spyder


CHASSIS: Tipo 592

MOTOR: Tipo 209/66

GEARBOX: Tipo 592

REAR AXLE: Tipo 592

ASSY #: 216

BODY#: C0228

YEAR: 1967


Nut and bolt restoration at a cost of between $300,000.00 and $400,000.00.

Records for work done include:
Matching numbers, correct set of books with warranty card, ultra rare hardtop, correct tools for a pre-10,000 serial number 330 GTS, and jack with original bag.
Everything is done correct and to perfection.

Identified as 330 GTS. Destinazione Montremy, France. Assembly no.216, body no. C0228. Fitted with hardtop. (H. Raab’s Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed.).

Per Pininfarina records: Job No. 175216; Destinazione Mont – Paris; Body No. C0228.

Owned 1970 by Lewis Ross, West Nyack, NY/USA. Described as gray.41,772 km. (LCM records).

Nov 10, 1070 brought in to Luigi Chinetti Motors by Lewis Ross West Nyack, NY/USA with 41,772 miles for a shock mount issue. There was no charge and the license plate read “”8421 PR””. (LCM receipt on file).

June 1972 brought in to Luigi Chinetti Motors by “”Sunshine”” for wiper issue. Wiper motor was replaced with labor for $168.51 (LCM receipt on file).

Seen 1975 at FCA Annual Meet. Owner unknown.

Seen at 1976 FCA Annual Meet. Owned by Avrum Krause, Chicago, IL/USA. Silver with black interior. Offered 1976 by Krause. Factory hardtop. (FCA News Aug/Sep 1976). Offered again 1977. (FCA News May 1977). Car still owned 1999 by Krause.

(Gene Cassone telecon 19 Nov 1999).

Seen Nov 2004 at Legendary Motorcar in Milton, Ontario, where the it is undergoing a ground-up. Paint is metallic gunpowder. Interior, already underway at Diamond Trim in Aurora, Ontario, is to be red. Present owner is Gene Cassone, a gastroenterologist from Plattsburgh, NY/USA. The car was red when it came into Legendary. Paint was old, car looked like it has sat in a barn for a long time, yet was complete except for usual replacement items like hoses, clamps, etc. Also has an ultra rare hardtop. Beneath the red paint was some remnants of the original silver. (Lance Hill 23 Nov 2004).

Aug 2007 at FCA International Meet, Corning, NY/USA. Entered by Gene
Cassone. Gold class award.

Sold by Talacrest – now back in stock May 2023.

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