1958 Porsche 356 Speedster 1600 Super


Canepa is offering this amazing Porsche 356 Speedster 1600 Super for sale.  Original documents including original sales contract. Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. Tools, spares kit, spare wheel/tire, and jack. The final year of Speedster production.

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Created and built from the vision of one of America’s most prolific importers, Max Hoffman, the Porsche 356 Speedster filled a void that the clever automotive industrialist thought was lacking: a lightweight, no frills, open top sportscar. His intuition, like many other times, proved to be correct and the Speedster was a total success. With iconic owners such as Steve McQueen, the Speedster’s popularity shot into the stratosphere, and today these low-slung 356s are some of the most sought-after variants built by Porsche.

This 1958 Porsche Speedster was completed at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Destined for the shores of the U.S., it was ordered in Ruby Red paint with a black leatherette interior along with U.S. specific equipment and coupe seats. It was imported and shipped to San Diego Motor Imports in San Diego, California. Shortly after arriving at the dealership, Norman Jump purchased the car on July 1, 1958. The speedster was the perfect car to be enjoyed in the sunny California weather.

During the two years he owned the speedster, Mr. Jump would have the Porsche serviced at the same dealership from which he purchased the car. In 1960, Mr. Jump decided to sell the car to his neighbor Walter Roach who would only entrust his own Union 76 gas station shop in La Jolla, CA to service his beloved 356. As the years passed, it would be used by the family on special occasions, such as birthdays and family gatherings. Eventually, as it was driven less, the speedster would find its home under the cover in the garage of Mr. Roach. In 1997, Mr. Roach passed away, leaving the care of his beloved 356 to his son Barney Roach.

The memories that were made in this 356 motivated Barney to get the car out of the garage and in running condition. In 2002, he took the speedster to vintage specialist Jack Staggs in San Clemente, CA. The technicians completely overhauled and rebuilt the original engine, including a complete service and maintenance to get the car back in driving condition.

The Porsche 356 speedster was being driven on California roads once again. After 40 years of ownership, the 356 had realized its beautiful patina. With great care from Mr. Roach, the speedster is a very well-kept original example. Barney would start using the car once again, taking it on road trips and to events, including Speed Fest, where it was voted “Most Original.” As the years passed, Barney enjoyed the 356 and made more memories with the family car. In April 2014, Barney made the hard decision to sell the 356. It found its way to a new home with automotive collector and racing legend, Tom Gloy.

Tom Gloy is a well-known person in the automotive and racing industry. With multiple racing championships, Mr. Gloy has seen and experienced a wide variety of sportscars. In an interview with Panorama, Mr. Gloy states that the speedster has been one his favorite cars to own. In this speedster he found the right balance between an original car, and a collector’s car.

Once Mr. Gloy took possession of the 356, he knew this was the right car for him. Something that he could enjoy during the weekends, without the worry of a shiny restored car. During his ownership, Mr. Gloy drove the car to different events and shows to display his Porsche. At the Werks Reunion, Mr. Gloy was surprised at the amount of attention his 356 was receiving. He found out he had accidentally entered the speedster into the Concours of the event. Mr. Gloy recalls as the judges approached his car, the main judge asked if he could use Mr. Gloy’s car to show his fellow judges what an original example of a 356 should be. Mr. Gloy states that this is one of his biggest complements you can get at any automotive show. That same day, he drove off with the Michelin Choice Sponsors Award. After 7 years of ownership, Tom Gloy decided to sell this amazing condition 356 through his friend Bruce Canepa.

A Porsche that remains with a family since practically new carries a significant amount of provenance and, naturally, lots of memories. Over the decades, the car becomes a part of the family. Overflowing with character, genuine patina, and with a full-service inspection, this 356 Speedster is a unique chance to continue the enjoyment that it has been providing for the past 63 years.

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