Mille Miglia-Eligible

Porsche 356 A Carrera By Premiumfahrzeug
That stunning 356 Carrera A got in 1995 an FIA Pass-Port. Like the production year and specification ist hat Carrera 2 presentable for the [...]

Killer-Classic By RK Motors

1966 Corvette Stingray
Looking for a killer classic that utilizes the best of 21st century technology to create an unforgettable driving experience? Here it is! Sealed [...]

Graph Of The Week

Monterey Auto Week
The 2016 Monterey auction week is one of the most anticipated automotive auction events in recent memory. Economic uncertainty abroad, an [...]

Top-Priority Le Mans

Jaguar D-Type
Well over 20 years after Bentley had dominated at Le Mans another British make stood up to the 24 Hours challenge: Jaguar. In charge of [...]

Mid-Engined, 1000hp And Secret

The Audi Group S
The Audi Group S prototype wasn’t supposed to happen, but did anyway because the rally team really needed it. As the front-engined—and [...]

Made For The Dirt

Ford Model T/A
Dirt track racing is an American institution, the simple set up of the race track means that it’s a style of racing that could be enjoyed in [...]

Paul Newman

Effortless Style
  Actor, director, racing driver, philanthropist and purveyor of salad dressing: Paul Newman was the polymath pin-up of ’50s Hollywood. A [...]

Ferrari Eye Candy

Club Of America Meeting
A beautiful Ferrari 275 GTB at the Ferrari concours in luminescent green Brescia, Monaco, West Palm Beach…Columbus, Ohio? Yes, all of those [...]

Original Batmobile

For Sale
George Barris, the renowned Hollywood car customizer, passed away last year. He left a lasting legacy, rolling monuments to a singular brand of [...]

Sleek Single-Seater Bodywork

Cisitalia 202 CMM Vignale
Piero Dusio was a wealthy Italian industrialist, who had also proven remarkably quick behind the wheel of a racing car. Among his most notable [...]


Cars Styled In Italy
Rarity, among other things, is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s one of the reasons why I think Japanese cars built with help from Italy are [...]

Woman’s First

Beryl Swain At The Isle Of Man
“Some women refuse to be a slave of routine,” said Pathé News in 1962, the year Beryl Swain entered the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race. “Mrs. [...]


1963 Volvo P1800 Jensen 'cow horn'
59,950 €
1974 Jensen Interceptor coupe series 3
62,500 €
1974 Ferrari 308
89,950 €
1928 Ford Model A
14,807 €
1979 Ferrari 308GTS
57,116 €

Events & Auctions

  1. Classic Safari Challenge

    October 9 - November 5
  2. Classic Expo Salzburg

    October 20 - October 22
  3. Bonhams: The Padua Auction

    October 28
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