Young Love For Ferrari

My name is Julian and I’m 26 years old. Since I was a small boy, I had a great passion for cars which quickly developed into a slight obsession with Ferrari. Every school holiday, my mum would have to drive to the dealership nearby, I wrote essays in school on mechanical features of the 250 Test Rossa and it comes with no surprise that I spend my first internship working at a Ferrari garage.

Young Love For A Ferrari

I believe I got that passion from my dad; he always wanted to have a Ferrari and a flat in New York – both of which he couldn’t afford. So I became determined to fulfill at least that Ferrari wish for our family one day. Owning my own prancing horse became the motivation that pushed me through Uni, made me sit through long nights at work and give up on expensive holidays or concert tickets. Over the years, I’ve gotten quite knowledgeable on the brand (I claim only a handful people in the world know the Ferrari 308 as well as me) and had done my research on what models would be feasible.

Ferrari 2

But it wasn’t until Christmas 2018 when I stumbled into my true love: my mum spotted a 308 for a reasonable price and suggested to have a look. “I can’t buy a 308 – that’s a porn star car” – those were my words…however, she urged me to try it as it was for sale in a nearby city. We went, I was offered a test drive…and 2 days later I signed the contract, I would finally, aged 23, own my very own Ferrari.

Ferrari 5

The more I researched, the more I found out how lucky I am; the car is one of the earliest 308 GTS, it’s in immaculate conditions and no other design turns my head like the 308 does. I’ve started bringing it back into original conditions, hunting down missing bits and pieces to the level that I rejected offers for spare lenses as the production year wouldn’t match the one of my car and me calling out RM Sotheby’s on mislabelled Lots in their auctions.

But as much as I love the car – the joy it also brings to others when I take my grandfather for a ride, race a rallye with dad or research parts with mum is the biggest reward of owning it!

Ferrari Tour 19

The car will feature at next year’s Trips Memorial Classic Days and I hope to see it competing at Salon Privé the following year.



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