The New Donegal Overcoat By Private White V.C.

This is the new Donegal Overcoat – the update on the raglan coat released last year. The only change on that version is the colour and the weight of the cloth. Private White decided to go with a heavier tweed this year, to make it into a true Winter coat: it’s now 800g rather than 620g.


That makes it warmer, but also makes it drape and fall even better – something that’s particularly lovely in a loose raglan, and hopefully comes across in images like the one above. The yarn is the same as last year – from ‘Donegal Yarns’, the last remaining spinner of the product in Ireland. It’s a tiny mill that has been spinning the distinctive flecked yarn since the nineteenth century, and the Kilcarra tweed we used deliberately echoes the feeling of the first incarnations.


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