Gordon Murray’s T.33: The Perfect 2-Seat Supercar

The new T.33 is Gordon Murray Automotive’s vision of the perfect two-seat supercar. Powered by a version of the world’s greatest V12 engine, it blends sensational performance, timeless style and unmatched driver appeal.

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The T.33 is the second supercar. Gordon Murray is a British manufacturer of exclusive and beautiful lightweight supercars. Classically designed without the need for unnecessary aerodynamic devices, the T.33 adheres to all of Gordon Murray Automotive’s 7 design principles. It’s lightweight, totally driver focused, timeless in style, aerodynamically advanced, practical and very fast. Power comes from a new reconfigured version of the Cosworth GMA V12, the world’s lightest, highest (and fastest) revving and most technically advanced V12.

The T.33 uses a new carbon and aluminium superlight architecture that offers excellent torsional rigidity and lightness. As with all our cars, only 100 examples will be assembled, all meticulously by hand. This ensures exclusivity and offers a highly personalised customer experience. The T.33 will be the first car built at GMA’s new global headquarters and technology campus – Highams Park in Windlesham, Surrey, south-west of London. It joins the T.50, the company’s flagship, in the blossoming GMA range.

“It’s a beautiful timeless design. The engineering artistry extends throughout the entire car, from bespoke switches to engine components that are pure sculpture. Everything you see has a function, nothing is superfluous. It’s the beauty of simplicity.”


Timeless beautiful design

Gordon had a clear brief; to design a two-seat supercar that was classically styled and timeless: a return to beauty. Advanced aerodynamic solutions, many gleaned from his long career in Formula One, made this possible.

The T.33 takes cues from some of the most beautiful sports cars of the ‘60s, Gordon’s favourite period for sports car design. Its shape is elegant and timeless, but certainly not retro. To meet our lightweight target, all body panels are made from carbon fibre.

Simple, functional and beautiful

As with the exterior, the interior is simple and classically designed. Materials have been chosen for their beauty, their tactility and their lightness. There is nothing superfluous: everything is there for a reason. As with all GMA cars, the priority is focused on driving enjoyment, so every control is designed to enhance driving pleasure and reduce distractions.

GMA cars epitomise engineering art, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the interior. Note the beautifully machined aluminium rotary controls, the gorgeous 120mm floodlit analogue tachometer and the exposed gearchange mechanism. The pedals are crafted from aluminium alloy, providing the perfect combination of strength, lightweight and driving feel. Every component is bespoke, adhering to a fundamental GMA principle: the beauty of simplicity.

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