Supercars are making us dream and they are build for the automotive and sports car fans. collectorscarworld is covering unique car concepts, high speed hypercars, fastest laps on the Nurburgring or technological innovations by small manufacturers and famous sports car makers. Supercars are joyous to drive purely for the sake of driving fast.

Supercars are important escapes from the boring mass market and very often they test materials and innovations , which you will find many years later in the bread-and-butter cars. There is a special fascination and excitement to deliver unique driving experiences by our supercars news and daily information on supercar testing.

When looking back at the last years there are some memorable supercars, which is giving supercar fans much more than ride-sharing platforms , app-driven models, autonomous driving and saving fuel.

When looking back at the last years there are some memorable supercars, which is giving supercar fans much more than ride-sharing platforms, app-driven models, autonomous driving and saving fuel.

Here are our top 10 supercars of the 21th century:

Mc Laren F1

back in 1992 no other production car had ever gone that fast. With its feather-weight carbon-fiber chassis and a 627hp BMW V12 it was mind-blowing.

Ferrari Enzo

a V12-powered monster with 651 hp named after the founder of the company. A man whose legacy continues to inspire all cars from Maranello.

Porsche Carrera GT

the last of the analog supercars. The mid -engined V8 developed 603hp and had a sound no other Porsche engine ever made.

Mercedes- Benz SLR McLaren

the big GT referenced to the famous 300 SLR race car from the 50’s and had a super-charged 617hp V8 engine.

Ford GT

the homage to Fords famous GT40’s to its famous competition racers at Le Mans.

Maserati MC12

a brother of Ferraris Enzo, built for the FIA GT Championship in a very limited series of cars with 621 and 651 hp from a V12-engine from Ferrari.

Koenigsegg CCX

the small swedish atelier are building wild supercars , achieving speed records and fighting with Bugatti for the crown of the fastest car in the world. Only 29 CCX with +800 hp were produced.

Lamborghini Reventón

named after a fighting bull, this extreme carbon-fiber skinned machine develops 641 hp and a mere 20 examples were built.

Aston Martin One-77

this super-exclusive hypercard is a true piece of art. The most technical advanced Aston ever built and with no doubt the most beautiful with its 750hp V12.

Bugatti Veyron

an astonishing quad-turbo twin with 1200 hp became the fastest production car with 260mph. The Veyron had been succeeded by the 1500 hp Bugatti Chiron, which hit 304 mph in testing.


Huracán Sterrato by MANSORY

A super sports car goes off-road: With the all new “Huracán Sterrato by MANSORY”, another limited Lamborghini derivative is transformed by the MANSORY manufactory...