Icon: Renault Alpine A110

The A110, unveiled in 1962, still makes the hearts of sports car fans beat faster. The elegant rear-wheel drive flounder earned its merits through big rally triumphs such as winning the 1971 Brand Championship and the 1973 World Rally Championship. While the model for the streets provided up to 138bhp, the racing models put up to 200bhp on the crankshaft.

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By 1977, 7,500 copies of the A110 were in customers’ hands. Due to a collaboration in racing, the combination of the two brand names Alpine and Renault came across. The Alpine A110 was piloted at the Rossfeld race in Berchtesgaden by Enzo Rothfuss and Fredi Krammer.

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Report by Thomas Denker for collectorscarworld.com
Photos by rs65photos.com

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