Noah Surf House Portugal

Noah Surf House lives in total respect and consonance with Mother Nature. It was born and raised with its eyes towards the sea.

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It is a surf house consisting of 8 rooms and 13 bungalows. The rooms and bungalows are decorated in an original way, providing guests a very comfortable and welcoming stay, based on the proximity to the sea, close to Nature.

Noah has 2 distinct spaces and services: Noah Beach House, a restaurant down at the beach;
and Noah Surf House, the hotel (which has its own restaurant as well).

Noah Surf House’s inspiration is the Sea. Their motto ‘At Sea we’re home’.

What drives them is sharing a space, which they call HOME, with its windows facing the sea waves and the entrance door right on top of the sand, with people from all the four corners of the world, united by their passion for the sea and sports.

Here Noah will share unique moments, with family and friends. With plenty of time for long talks and endless laughter. A place of Peace, Sun and Joy. A Pure place that celebrates the waves and the Sea!


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