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Here is a special selection of cars that have recently arrived or are expected soon at our partner Gallery Aaldering. This preview allows you to be the first to indicate your interest in one of these cars. Do you want to hear more about these cars? Please send an e-mail to:

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What to think of the timeless Ferrari 250 GTE Series 3? Or a gorgeous Porsche 996 Carrera 4s or a W111 in Hellblau? The new cars are all very special in their own right. You can learn more about the cars by simply clicking on the “more info”-button.

Porsche 996 Carrera 4S (2003)

Low kilometres, first paint, upgraded IMS bearing, very well maintained, Tiptronic, Nachtblau

porsche 996 carrera 4s 2003

Just stop looking. If you’re looking for the perfect 996, this is your car. The 996 Carrera 4S follows a long tradition of Porsche with cars equipped with a Turbo body but without a turbo engine. Just the looks, not the stratospheric running costs. This example was ordered new in Europe and delivered to the first owner in Japan. Although they drive on the left in Japan, it is an ultimate status symbol to own a left-hand drive car. Preferably a model that is normally available with the steering wheel on the right side. The first Japanese owner took perfect care of the car and drove it for 58,000 kilometres. The car then went to an absolute top enthusiast in the Netherlands who drove the car up to 78,500 kilometres.

Let’s start with the configuration of the 996. The car is finished in the timelessly beautiful “Nachtblau” and equipped with a “Metropol Blau” interior. In addition, the car is equipped with some pleasant optional extras. The engine is linked to the popular Tiptronic automatic transmission, which you can also operate via push buttons on the steering wheel. In addition, this Carrera 4S has climate control, onboard computer, Litronic Xenon lighting, seat heating, Turbo brakes, CD changer, Alcantara headliner, folding rear seat and memory for the driver’s seat. The combination of the blue exterior with the dark blue interior makes the car a timelessly beautiful appearance.

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Ferrari 365 GT4/BB ‘Berlinetta Boxer (1974)

Marcel Massini history report 

ferrari 365 gt4 bb berlinetta boxer 1974

A wonderful Ferrari 365 GT4/BB aka the Berlinetta Boxer. This should not be confused with the later 512BB, which was modelled on the 365. The 365 BB was the first series produced Ferrari with a mid-engined 12 cylinder boxer engine. Over a three year course only 299 LHD Boxer Berlinetta Boxer’s left the factory, making this BB the rarest of them all.

Many details differ from the later 512 BB, like the six exhaust pipes, the characteristic 365 six rear taillights amongst various other body measurements and details. Production of this particular example was completed on the 5th March 1974. On the 27th May 1974 the Ferrari was delivered to the Italian Ferrari dealer Motor S.p.A. in Bologna. Gallery Aaldering still has a copy the original first registration document. Thanks to excellent care and maintenance this Ferrari has never been restored. The wonderful bodywork is nice and straight, well aligned with fine paintwork.

The original underbody is completely rust-free. It has a ‘Rosso’ finish with a black leather interior trim. The interior trim is in a superbly original condition and excludes a lovely patina. It also has the popular ‘Daytona’ seats and Borletti aircon.

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Porsche 911 2.2E Targa (1970)

Matching numbers and colours, stunning car

porsche 911 2 2e targa 1970

This is a beautiful 1972 Porsche 911 2.2E Targa. The car was recently fully restored and overhauled. In addition, this is a matching numbers and matching colors copy. The 911 Targa remains an iconic model that cannot be compared to anything in the automotive landscape. The 2.2 liter six-cylinder boxer produces 155 hp and is equipped with fuel injection.

The body was recently repainted in its original “Conda Grun” color. It looks fantastic on the car and is actually directly reminiscent of times gone by when people sometimes ordered an exciting color on a car. In any case, you stand out in the gray mass that currently fills the country’s roads. The car stands on the characteristic Fuchs rims that are inextricably linked to the Porsche 911. It will therefore be difficult to find a wheel that suits this type of Porsche better. The rims are of course fitted with good tires in the correct sizes. During the painting work, the body was completely re-tightened. The sheet metal is therefore beautifully tight and has correct fits. The moldings and lamps are all original Porsche and are only in good condition. The removable Targa roof is also in very good condition and connects everywhere.

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Austin Healey 3000 MK III (1967)

Restored and revised, stunning colour combination, BJ8, overdrive

austin healey 3000 mk iii 1967

Gallery Alldering is not exaggerating when they say this is a peak, Austin Healy. The Austin Healey 3000 Mk3 BJ8 is the most refined and developed of the “Big Healeys”. The prices of good examples have been rising steadily for years, which is really not surprising. This Austin Healey is the fastest, best driving and has the best seat position of all.

A few years ago this example underwent a full restoration. The high quality of this extremely well carried out work is still very much in evidence. Starting underneath Gallery Aaldering sees a fine example of rust-free chassis. The bodywork is as straight as an arrow with thin and finely aligned panelwork. The lovely two-tone paint finish has been done to perfection. The bodywork and wire wheel chrome finish also looks splendid. The easy to use hood provides a tight fit when up.

The interior trim was replaced using fine blue leather and carpets. Here again, the result shows the quality of the work is second to none. The seat leather is wonderfully supple and the door cards too were fully refurbished. The nicely fitted carpets are in good condition. The instrument display and wooden dashboard are all in great shape. The interior trim has the kind of wear that suits the car.

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Mercury Montery (1968)

Very rare, only 5 made in this colour scheme, very well maintained

mercury montery 1968

You must be an incredible Mercury enthusiast to recognize this 1968 Mercury Monterey Coupé. The Monterey was the top model from Mercury’s middle line. That is American marketing jargon for the most luxurious car in the segment that was just short of the top model.

This Mercury Monterey has been completely restored on the outside and is in excellent condition. During the restoration, it was decided to return the car to its original condition. The car has therefore been repainted in Rose-coloured paint and the interior still looks exactly like when the car left the factory in 1968. The body has beautiful thin sheet metal with correct fits. The car is on correct wheels surrounded by good tires in the correct sizes and things such as the door rubbers, chrome mouldings and bumpers are all in beautiful condition.

The interior is the pinnacle of a late 1960s American car. Where European manufacturers lavishly experimented with bucket seats and other sporty shaped seating, the Americans simply placed an old-fashioned bench in the front. The sofa is most likely more comfortable than the one in your living room. The inside is covered with beautiful original black leather and is in neat original condition with some starting patina. The carpets fit neatly everywhere and are also in excellent condition. The instruments and controls all look neat and function as they should.

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Mercedes-Benz W111 (1967)

Stunning colours, automatic transmission, AC, fully restored car

mercedes benz w111 250se 1967

Gallery Aaldering has a most alluring 1967 Mercedes-Benz W111 250SE automatic. The car has already been fully restored and is in excellent condition. This car was originally supplied to the States and has one of the most appealing colour finishes. The car has a “Hellblau” finish paired with a blue leather interior trim.

The bodywork looks great with its nice and thin, correctly aligned panelwork. The bumpers and decorative strips have been re-chromed and now reflect the sunlight as they ought to. The car has steel wheels with the correct type of part colour-coded and part chrome hubcaps. Other issues such as the windows and lights are also very neat.

The inside looks fantastic. The wood has been replaced and the leather is in excellent condition. The well-fitted carpets look good. The dashboard contains a period correct Blaupunkt radio and every piece of equipment is beautifully presented and in correct working order. The headlining too is in a good and fine state. What further grabs ones attention are the factory fitted air-conditioning and floor-mounted automatic gear shift, earlier models tended to have a steering wheel-mounted gear shift.

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Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (1981)

Fully restored and revised, leather and Alcantara interior, 280 hp engine, stunning colours 

pontiac firebird trans am 1981

Yes, this is just “Smokey and the Bandit”, only better. This is a 1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that has not only recently undergone a complete restoration and overhaul but has also received some very nice upgrades. It is not only a Firebird that is designed as a Trans Am, but an actual original Trans Am that can be recognized by the “W” in the chassis number.

The body has been reduced to bare metal and repaired where necessary. Subsequently, the body was completely repainted in this beautiful colour: “Midnight Blue”, finally a top layer of Blue Xirallic paint was sprayed to achieve this beautiful effect. This makes it literally a unique car to see. The car is on the correct wheels that have been fitted by the factory. The wheels are fitted with good tires in the correct sizes. In addition, several stickers have been applied in matte black, it gives a great effect against the metallic blue background.

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